Ladies and gentlemen, I have to say that there are many mysteries in the series of FIM, and many have theories of how things are in the world.  However, there is one that seems to get the most confusion and speculations, and rightfully so especially with recent events.  Many people want to know...WTF is an Alicorn and the history of it.  Well if you came to me for the answers, wow you guys are faithful.  No, I'm just going to take all the speculations and knowledge I can based on the shows history and development history (writer, Lauren, etc.).  So let's start from the beginning.

Celestia and Luna

When the beginning of the series started, we got a very brief introduction to the two celestial beings in the series, and even after 3 seasons, we still know little about them or about alicorns in general.  However, from season one it was generally established and thought that Luna and Celestia were the only two alicorns in existance, which was also established by Lauren Faust.  Which made sense, seeing how the way they were percieved, they were eternal and powerful, and the lack of other alicorns made it common knowledge that they were the only two.

But despite this simple fact, very little is known about the two other than that they are sisters.  In Hearths Warmings Eve, it was hinted that they were around even before the creation of Equestria but what were they doing, and how did they come into control?  I've seen a few speculations and rumors, and I want to discuss a few of them.

One interesting one is the idea of a faction, that the people residing Ponyville for a while chose a side: either the Lunar Republic or the Solar Empire.  Many even assumed that the flag from Hearths Warming was the start of unison not only between the 3 races, but the empires themselves.  Generally this would be a exceptable concept, except throughout the series and especially starting the second season, it was stated that they worked together with the Elements of Harmony to take down the likes of Discord and Sombra and technically means that there was no division in the first place.  No division, no need for seperate empires.

FANMADE Fausticorn

Behold the creator of all!

Another theory is that they were born from another entity, which fans like to call the Fausticorn.  It is speculated that the two were born in a younger state, which is what many assumed the younger looking Luna with none flowing hair represented.  It was also speculated that Celestia and Luna somehow knew Discord, and that Celestia was friendly towards him, possibly even liking him; though this has been debunked in season 3  While there's no real proof of this, it does make you wonder where they came from and how they came to power.  The history of the two is very limited and at the time, many just accepted the fact that these two were the only alicorns in existance, and it added to the intrigue and exculsiveness of the species...

Mi Armore Cadenza

...That is until this lady came into existance.  Mi Amore Cadenza (otherwise and simply known as Cadance) is one of those characters that when people initially saw her, they were like...why, just why.  When she originally came around, I disliked her existance because it killed the initial ideology that there were only two alicorns which for nearly 2 years were percieved to be dieties.  Now comes along pretty miss Cadance messing up the flow.  Didn't help that around this time Lauren Faust had high tailed it out of there, so it seemed like padding and Hasbro marketing, which in hindsight it was.

Now, even though initially I couldn't stand it, there were a few things that saved it.  I wanted to believe that there were only two alicorns like Lauren stated and I thought this would ruin the exclusiveness and speciality of the race, but it didn't, or at least not as badly as I thought.  It was still possible that Lauren Canon could stay intact, because Cadance seemed to have had those wings even as a child, and maybe, she was born into it, which would support the theory that maybe Alicorns are a rare breed that are born and gain their royal status after they reach a certain age and therefore keep their exclusiveness.

FANMADE Princess Cadance 1

Her appearance made many people just pass her as Mary Sue :P

Now, whether she is immortal or not is up to debate.  Many would say no since she ages throughout the series.  This is true, but also, she looks younger than Luna and Celestia as well, and the ageing might mean that she will reach a celestial enlightenment at one point, kind of like evolving.  Still, this seems like a stretch though.  Both Luna and Celestia control something that is necessary for life, and if one of them faded, then so would either the sun or moon.  What would Cadance control?  Love?  Heart?  That's Captain Planet sillyness, and even though this show does go by mythology a bit, this would seem like they are reaching to make her rule over something not even necessary since she naturally does it already without the celestial hair waves. As of her family, it seems like she's related to Celestia, Luna, and Blueblood.  
Sombra mouth wide open S3E2

Imagine being related to this!

And all are alicorns...except Blueblood, who is the nephew of Celestia.  So what does that mean for them?  Well, I've come up with one possible outcome.  In whatever family line that Celestia and Luna come from, only seldomly does a family member within the tree become an alicorn, and it all depends on the content of their hearts, which ultimately made Cadance a alicorn, and not Blueblood.  Though it is kind of funny how someone related to a celestial being doesn't have the capabilities as them but that's what happens when you're a jerk.  Also, I wonder how Cadance inherited the Crystal Empire.  She couldn't have been the original owner because Sombra ruled it 1000 years ago (things conveniately happened 1000 years ago huh), and they can't be related, cause Cadance didn't show any remorse to killing him.  So how did she gain power?  What are the ponies easilly accepting of a ruler?  Explains how Sombra came into power :P

Twilight Sparkles

FANMADE Princess Twilight Troll
Now this one is a doozy, and quite honestly, a middle finger to the canon.  Twilight Sparkles is now a princess; but this isn't a problem, no! (though if you're a purist, you'd know she should have taken Celestia's poition and been higher)  The issue is that she was magically sapped as an alicorn, and not even in a good story driving way.  It was a slapped on Deus Ex Machina explanation just to get it over with.  So now, any chance of Lauren's canon or initial idea staying in the show as well as the uniqueness of alicorns is deader than Sombra.  It's not even woven into the series to make since with the others.  Instead, it makes more questions than answers and doesn't even bother to explain briefly.

It was explained!  She did something that Star Swirl couldn't do!  What's to explain!?

So she finished up a spell out of hundreds of spells that were completed.  You mean to tell me that one spell warrants alicorn or princesshood?  So where are Star Swirls wings for changing the world of magic as they know it.

She had the characteristics of a princess!  She has leadership and saved the world 4 times.

No, she and her friends did that; one time she needed Spike to help.  Leadership she does have but again, that doesn't automatically warrant a gurarantee princess pass...So what you're saying is that she deserved to be an alicorn, yet Rainbow Dash who protected and saved her friends a number of times and almost gave up her dream for dignity...that's not Wonderbolt Worthy??  Yeah, this was not explained or done well, and people have to accept that fact just like they accept her transformation.

We have: celestial alicorns, a natural born alicorn, and a magically made alicorn.  So seriously...

WTF Is An Alicorn??

Alicorn Amulet in display case S3E5

This thing is kinda shady lookin if you ask me.

Now, here comes trying to wrap your head around the existance and the tie in of all the alicorns.  What exactly is one, and what does it take to be one.  Well, if Magic Duel was any hint, an alicorn is generally more powerful then an average horse due to the amulet Trixie wore gave her more power then she could aparantely handle without getting corrupted.  Not to mention the amulet is sketchy looking itself.  Does that mean some alicorns are evil?  Now many would be like, "well duh; remember the changeling?"  Well, I don't consider them alicorns, because in order to be an effective shapeshifter, you would need the components of all types of ponies.  So she gets a pass from the alicorn malarky.

Many speculate that only Celestia and Luna are eternal while Cadance and Twilight are not.  Alternatively, many also believe that being an alicorn imbeds immortality, and that they are at their young stage of immortality as mentioned before with the Luna reverting to her young self.  Though Ralinale brought up a good and interesting point that that might have just been the result of magic loss and only happened because she lost her natural powers after the possession of NMM.  Not to mention, if Cadance was immortal, it would have kind of been stated or shown at this point.

FANMADE Alicorn Shining Armor

Like this... there that's better! This would make it all the more tolerable, if not funny XD

Now, I was tolerable of Cadence being a alicorn, although I was and still am iffy on that, but how does one simply become transformed into an alicorn?  What was Celestia's intention when she did that? Now there is no real excuse for Shining Armor, Blueblood, or any male royalty at this point to not have wings!  I mean, if you're going to rip Faust Canon, go all out and use it on all of them.  Also, why didn't Star Swirl have a shot?  "Because he didn't grasp the concept of friendship."  Well maybe, but with his other groundbreaking changes to magic (such as levitation, dark magic control, and other 100 that even Twilight looked up to), you would think he would have the same chance.  Not only that, but the whole magically an alicorn thing kind of blows any defense to why Shining Armor and Blueblood didn't get any.  Let me guess, the ability is only available to females right?  In order for a male to even become royalty, then they would either have to be related to the Celestial being, married to one of the princesses, or evil (ala King Sombra, who wasn't an alicorn either go fig).  I got to say, Equestria/Destiny/Celestia has a sexist system in place XD.


The concept of an alicorn could have been really cool and add for more potential.  But as it stands, it's a cluttered mess of a concept due to too many different ways it's been done.  And I don't blame the writers, mainly Hasbro for trying to push on the alicorn thing so much with little regard how it would affect it's lore.  For one question, another would be created.  If they were to answer that Cadance went through the same thing as Twilight, then the question would be why did Rarity and the others seem clueless to being created as one?  You would think Cadance would tell them about something like that.  If they were to say that many alicorns are born naturally, then why did Twilight get the treatment and for what reason?  Why not just inherit royalty like Shining Armor?  

Because of the confusing way they decided to go about the alicorn thing, each answer will breed a new question.  How did they come to be?  Who granted them this ability?  Why are only a few out of the many capable get it?  It's a puzzle with missing pieces and therefore can't be finished.  At this point, I whole heartedly believe they should not try to do anything else to the alicorn thing.  Maybe it would be better to just give history to Celestia and Luna, explain Twilight's role as a princess and alicorn, and leave the rest to the imagination of the fandom, which ironically is what made the concept so great in the first place...our imagination of it.
Princess Skyla Toy

Season 4 finale! Birth of New Princess Alicorn!

 I believe the Twilight thing can work, but only if they stop producing anymore alicorns.

Will they produce more alicorns?  Is there a possibility of there being an evil alicorn?  I wouldn't put it behind them to do so.  Are toys going to be inplemented?  What if Celestia's "original student" get's implemented, or that Princess Skyla toy.  It's apart of Cadance's tree, so it would inherit something.  What would she rule over Fillydelphia at 3?  What possibilities are there and would it be a detrimate to the concept of alicorns, cause I seriously doubt anyone can wrap there heads around this.

Well, that's enough of my gripes and ranting.  If you got anything interesting to put on the table, please do.  I would love to read what you guys think of alicorns in general and how it's being used.  Thanks for reading, and good night.