Enough is enough!!  I have had it with these feels on this series!!

Once again, the IDW comics got early released again thanks to Itunes.  Those who want to wait can wait but since I read it I feel as if I should discuss the comic and something else...the title should say it all.  At this point, you already know that I consider this almost better (if not better) than the actual series itself.  It has it's own kind of charm to it I can't help but like.  It has good characterization, makes me like things I generally wouldn't to a point, and well...had freakin Chrysalis Spike_and_rarity_s_heart_shaped_fire_ruby_by_edwardten-d4jbvk5.png.   But other than that, it has really good stories that I could see working in the show.  Now again, this has spoilers written all over it so if you want to avoid all that, then go.  Also, I won't be doing Horde or Trash over this comic anymore since basically, most of the time they will be horde anyways so their's no point.  With that said, Comic Issue 7 early look :)

Comic View

Comic issue 7 page 2 crop

You don't say?

So back in Ponyville we see the civilians and Celestia (who surprisingly is doing something meaningful.  Any moment she isn't sitting on her flank eating Cheeze-Its makes me go Fluttergasp.png) trying to reach safety.  Sweetie Belle is rightfully worried about her sister and faster than you can say plotpoint, the new Nightmare Moon shows herself in the moon to Celestia's surprise.  "That doesn't look like Luna".  Well take a guess who it might be!  I mean, it's not that hard (maybe I'm being too hard on Celestia.  Doing nothing worthwhile in a show can effect your comic life XD)

So back on the moon the group is trying to break through to Rarity who has now been taken over by the Evil Nightmare Force (RP is rolling in his grave now Rainbow_dash_laughs_by_orbitalvelocity-d4ax6zy.png).  Even Pinkie's retelling of some spa with bubble events doesn't get to her (don't worry it didn't get to me neither) even breaking her Pinkie promise to not tell...why is she not exploding right now?  However, we still have Spike right.  "It's me, your Spikey Wikey.'re the best.  Please come back."  And we get our first little hint: Rarity (or Nightmare Force as she is) eye's waver in a teary fashion.  Now...I'm going to be honest here; I thought that was cute and sweet and all, but that was also one of the most cheeseball things I've seen in the series so far.  I mean, you have the other elements trying to break in and without any avail but Spike being all sweet on her gets her eyes flickering?  Well I guess even Nightmare Force doesn't like it cause she/he/it (whatever the hell it is PinkiePieshrugohwell_original.png) shouts enough and sends the minions to attack.  

Spike even get to fight...until he's thrown halfway across the moon.  No seriously, one of the minions sends him flying to the dark corner of the moon..which would have been funny if it wasnt for the scene I'll show you in a minute.  The other elements get captured and restrained and they urge Luna to leave to Ponyville for help.  Luna gets away of course preparing for the final battle and Nightmare sends the 5 off to prison (yep moon prison; the irony is amazing)

IDW Fluttershy

It's...uh...cute in it's own way?

So we have them talk, Fluttershy finds some ugly abomination of a moon creature that is semi adorable, and then discuss how Spike would have done anything for Rarity (hint two) and them.  So where did Spike land.  Is his head in the dirt in a comical fashion?  
IDW Twilight Spike

This isn't funny Spike-abuse D:!!

Is he flattened for a laugh?  NO!  He crashes through a moon mountain and lies on the ground almost lifeless.  

HAHAHHAH...wait, that ain't funny.  Jeez, even when he wakes up and burps fire??? IDK why....he looks like he's in pain.  But he's our only hope now!! (and anti-Spike people groan in pain :P)

So he goes on and on to save his friends and Rarity singing motivational songs to himself.  And then after walking for a while, he gets tired...and battered...and looks like he's in pain..I mean come on, how much pain can you put this guy through before you crack him.  I mean, he's walking like a zombie until he collapses.  But thanks to camoflauge chameleons, he gets a new idea to get inside the place to save his friends.

Now I'm going to say this right now, I hated the minions in this arc.  Unlike the changeling minions these were freaking stupid and annoying IMO, especially the grayish ditz.  I mean, they could have done them slightly better.  But anyways, Spike slips by and reaches the deep dungeon, and ends a palace like room with a throne, a crown, and a thing with King Spike on it, and Rarity to boot!  Even better, he is told that if he forgets his past, his friends and others, he can be her king and be with her forever.  Sounds like a plan right?  Well, there's the thing that he doesn't want to forget his friends and family.  And the next part is hint 3...I mean, it's kind of obvious.

I'm just saying, there are generally signs when people are trying to make a ship canon.  NaruHina..that was obvious set up.  The Mordecai and Margaret shipping, that was built up and set up.  Like with all that has been teased in this issue I'm like, huh really?  Are you guys really trying to make canonize Sparity?  Cause that's what it looks like!  This next scene has Spike asking "Rarity" about the fire ruby, which she replies cute, not even realizing the actual meaning of the ruby.  Spike doesn't take this well and saying this is the first time he hated Rarity sayin something was cute.  Me saying it doesn't do it justice, but the way they executed the  How do you look at that and not even assume they are trying to push this ship all throughout the scene?  He then cries out.."But you're not Rarity!  You're not my Rarity!"  Well, that was some freakin emotion that shot into me...

IDW Spike

Goodness, how much hell does he have to go through!?

After being found out, and the panel next which I can only assume is Spike trying to go unleashed, it is revealed that it was all a rouse by Nightmare to try to sway him into abandoning his friends.  Cause because of plot no jutsu, Nightmare somehow knows how to reach into your desires as well.  There is one final thing that kind of seals the Sparity push where Spike tries to say the L word.  Not the C word...not the one where the were falling, but the actual declaration.  Of course Nightmare doesn't let him finish, but still keeps the fire ruby!  Come on, if plot no jutsu told you anything in the past, that ruby is going to be the thing to help break the seal...that and Luna up in that arse!  Actually waiting for issue 8 where things are gonna go down, but in this issue, I give it a Horde...get it when it comes out (or now if you're cheap like me Rainbow_dash_laughs_by_orbitalvelocity-d4ax6zy.png).  Not perfect but really good.  Now time for a little talk...about possibilities.

Sparity: Will it or Can it Happen

So is it going to happen, is it even possible, or is it even there?  Well in my humblest opinion there is something there.  Even in the show there seems to be something there that's slightly above a mild crush.  If you think about it, the Fire Ruby served as a symbolism of Spike's devotion towards Rarity, and the way she treats him is similar to one who understands his feelings and wants to keep him as happy as possible without crushing his spirits or getting his hopes up.  Or maybe I have shipping goggles on too tight XD.  IDK, I can be crazy sometimes.

IDW Rarity

I'm even more curious to why AJ is giving her the sultry stare o.o

But there are some things I understand that might get in the way.  One being age....we don't really know how old either of them are.  I mean we have assumptions and what Lauren wanted his age to be, but at the same time, things have also been changed.  Mentallity wise, I see him in pre-teen, teen area.  However, seeing how he's a dragon and all, he most likely won't be full grown by the time Rarity bites the dust.  So that's also a factor to take in.  However, as characters, they seem to be really getting close, especially during mid season 2 and early season 3.  The comics also seem to like it cause they did nods to it as well, before this issue.  Like...why does she have a picture of Spike with her on a vacation trip?

Anyways, I want to know what you guys think

Is Sparity Possible?

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I'm almost betting the last one will be clicked on most if anything is voted on Pinkie_tongue.png.  So what do you think of Sparity, and what is your opinion on the comics.  I know I like em; they're awesome but what do you think.  Is the Sparity a little crush or an actual developing thing.  I don't know...but it sure seems that way.

This is DT, and my shipping goggles won't come off.  See ya later