Well season 4 is going to be teased at Comic-Con this Saturday.  Which means we'll have new info to love/hate depending on how it's handled, we'll have something new to talk about, and we'll have something to replace the forgettable tv special that is EG (didn't deserve theatres to begin with).  But before we dive into the season 4 theory basket, I would like to recap on the series thus far, and list my favorite episodes of the series.  Now there are no rules to this list, so most likely there will favoritism.  The only requirement is that I have to explain these favoritism and if you have a list different from mine, I'd like you to list yours as well.  So lets rewind, rewatch, and re-examine cause these are the Top 10 Best FIM Episodes At This Point and Time

10. One Bad Apple

Don't be surprised if you don't see too many Season 3 episodes on here, but the ones you do see are in my opinion some of the better episodes of the series.  This one had the honor of introducing a very awesome
Babs Seed looking anxiously at her initiation S3E4

Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brotha, I hug ponies :3

character....a cute little filly that has found her way into one of my favorite characters despite only having 2 appearances so far.  I'm talking of course, about Babs Seed (aka the Scout).  Outside of introducing a nice little character, it had a pretty solid story, a catchy song (which of course TF2 parodied.  I think TF2 and MLP are the highest meme creating things in existance XD).  I also thought the moral was well thought out and written, tackling bullying pretty nicely and realistically, or as realistic as ponies could be.  It was nice, simple, and well written. might have been a bad seed then, but now you're a good blossoming flower....

...that sounded creepier than I wanted.  OK, let's go to the next one before I look like a ped....

9. Friendship is Magic

Twilight friends S1E02

This is how it all began

What kind of fan would I be if the very first episode wasn't on the list.  It might be low mind you, but that's because even though it was good, other episodes did better as the series went along.  But in my opinion, the first episodes aren't supposed to be the best.  They're supposed to establish the characters, lore, and story and capture the attention of the viewers.  Think of a first episode something like One Piece where it starts out small and works out to something amazing, and that's what I feel the first two episodes did.  It gave us a look at the characters and established part of the lore of the show, as well as doing what Lauren wanted: proving any show can be good with the right care and love.  It had some funny moments, it had world building, and it introduced me to the series.  This was actually my first episode and a certain character (guess who :P) got me to get into the show more.  While not the best in the series, it deserves a place on this list just for the fact that it started something good.  Good job Lauren, and may you Write in Peace Rainbow_dash_salute.png

8. Luna Eclipsed

Princess Luna on her own lightning cloud S2E04

Still can't understand why Spike wore a dragon outfit though :/

Season 2 made a few episodes based around holidays.  Things like Christmas and Valentines day were all implemented in the show.  But while those two were good, none of them came close to the nicely written Luna Eclipsed which (hold your fangasms) introduced Luna for the second time ever.  This is basically how people were rejoicing when they heard about this.  It was a miracle to them, and to be honest it was .  This was the only episode with development for the princess's, and it was the only one we've seen.  This was also the one that made me like Luna more, seeing how she had a satisfying character and acted well within the society of Ponyville.  She might be as useless as her sister, but she has something her sister doesn't...likability.  She's more developed then her sister, and therefore she gets more sympathy than her sister (who is in the deep spiralling circle of being hated by 70% of the fandom).  Cute, fun, and a compelling story, Luna Eclipsed was a perfect Halloween episode..

Oh yeah and Zecora with that wig.  Anyone else get a Storm vibe from it?

7. A Dog and A Pony Show

Hey guys guess what?  I used to hate Rarity!!  I know, sinful huh.  Now how do you get me to unhate a character?  By giving them an episode like this and completely turn a 180.  A Dog and A Pony Show got me to see her character in a better light, and thanks to care, her character hasn't been squandered since then.  While the others were imagining her as the helpless mare who needed saving, she was being the clever trick who decieved the dogs into doing her bidding, in a fairly smart and resourceful way.  I mean, who could forget this.  It makes my ears bleed every time, but I still love it :3.  And it wasn't just her that made the episode.  A collective effort of the other 6 made this a nice story that had me interested throughout.  The fantasies especially had me giggle a bit, though I think Spike could have toned down on the steroids in his.

What else can I say?  This episode completely changed my opinion on a character, something that no other character can deem.  Bravo!

6. Baby Cakes

I can't really explain this one so instead, I'm just going to show you these.

What else can I say.  I thought the episode was well writen, the children were cute, Pinkie didn't make me wanna gouge my eyes out....I say that's worthy of a high spot. Rainbow_dash_laughs_by_orbitalvelocity-d4ax6zy.png

5. Sweet and Elite

Fleur Dis Lee startled S2E09

Seriously, tell me she doesn't look like a mare who could be on one of those magazines they hide behind the counter XD

My goodness I heard this episode was deemed to be many's favorite episode.  Sweet and Elite is sooo good.  It's nearly perfect.  An amazing episode!  Well, I didn't think that....until I rewatched it and realized it was a damn good episode, but admitedly not as good as some think (evident to why this is 5 and not 1).  But even though I don't share the same love as some do with this episode, I can't deny this episodes brilliance.  Rarity once again shined as a top character in this episode, showing a sense of vanity while trying to maintain her her friendship with the others.  It's comical view of high society standards in this episode really stuck out to me.  I don't know if they were going for that, but it felt like they were poking fun of social standards while giving moral lessons about it, and I really liked that.  I also liked Fancy Pants (the swav stallion who everyone thought would be shipped with Rarity but has yet to have many ships of her) and Fleur De Lis (a mare who quite honestly should be on Playcolt magazine), the two least snobbish high society ponies in Canterlot if you ask me.  It isn't the best, but it's pretty darn close.  Season 2 was Rarity's season, and this by far is Rarity's best episode in the series so far.

4. Party of One

Crazy Pinkie Pie S1E25

She's not psycho...just a manic depressive who makes up friends to feel less insecure. Sounds like an Eric Cartman to me XD!

Ladies and gentlemen....witness one of the greatest moment in FIM history.  Yeah, I don't even have to explain why I liked this episode.  Other than Baby Cakes, this is probably the only time I found Pinkie Pie tolerable in her own episode (and in other episodes really).  There was something about her little meltdown that made her feel more whole, and complete.  It was like there was a reason she wanted to make others smile, to fill in the emptiness and sadness she harbors.  If you remember, she had that same hair as a nonsmiling child, so maybe she harbored some sadness and manic depression from...something.  I actually sympathized with Pinkie for the first and only time throughout the series here, and the episode in and of itself was a nice ride.  Though I don't understand this:

Why do fans think Pinkamena is a psycho killer?  Is every character who goes through manic depressive mode always a killer!  Seriously, the only thing alarming she did was have her eyes grow smaller and crazier; she didn't even look like she was in a state to kill anyone!  If anything, people should be questioning Fluttershy!  Yeah, I mean think about it; she threatened Twilight, appeared to have broken a bears leg (half beat him up), has some strange stare that scares any living creature, and the Best Night Ever moment for her.  

But I digressed too much.  Party of One was a magnificent episode, and it deserves the attention it gets.  Well done you spontanious wreck.  You made me say one nice thing about you. Pinkie_tongue.png

3. Sleepless in Ponyville

Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo flying together S3E06

Thanks Powell. Here's to hopefully a well written season 4.

Correy Powell...What can I say about her that hasn't already been said (or is appropriate for this wiki because the fandom seems to love her....a little tooo much >.>)?  Even though she only has two episodes under her belt, she is responsible for writing some of the best episodes of the series.  And in a pleasant surprise, they both happened to be in the weakest season of the series.  The one I'm talking about is the title above.  The reason I felt this episode did so well is because it was a good character developer.  You learned more about fan favorite Scootaloo and why she was determined to gain the attention of RD.  Now, here's a wierd thing; where the hell are Scootaloo's parents?  She never even mentioned them!  Maybe we'll get answers in season 4.  But anyways, Powell knew how to make the characters work, and how to write them well, giving us a treat that made this the best episode of season 3.

And plus...more Luna attention.  I mean come on, how is Celestia getting outdone by her younger sister who subcombed to evil at one point!?  And people wonder why I dislike Celestia Serious_rainbow_dash_by_edwardten-d4gv1pk.png.

2. The Return of Harmony

Discord 'And I win' S2E1

R.I.P Antagonist Discord: 2011-2013

Well lookie here, another Lauren written episode, and so high up too.  And it deserves it, cause Return of Harmony was...take it awayEgoraptor.  An episode that was supposed to be the season 1 finale, this season 2 premiere was....I'm sorry, I think Nostalgia Critic needs to say it as well.  It had the perfect antagonist, the perfect story, and quite honestly one of the best paced episodes I've seen in the series.  Discord, my favorite antagonist (or former antagonist Daring_do_by_jrrhack-d4ontsz.png.  I'll harp on that later) was no standard brooding antagonist.  He had a personality, a jokester personality that actually was threatening as well.  He manipulated the elements and threw them into disarray, which deemed challenging for our protagonist to overcome.  There wasn't too much about this episode that I could dislike, and anything that I did (cough cough, Celestia) was easilly overshadowed by the fact that everything else came together so well.  Damn you Lauren, why did you have to go!?  Why did you have to give us this episode and then take a sideline throughout season 2 and then leave around the end of it!!?  This series could be higher calibur if you were still here, writing brilliant episodes like this!  Oh well, this episode was amazing, and if it wasn't for the episode below...this would be the greatest thing in FIM

1. Secret of My Excess

Rarity hushing Spike S2E10

The scene that launched 1000 ships...and yet still better than Twilight XD

Seriously?  Did you not think I would put this here?  Did you honestly think this wasn't going to be number 1.  Look at my should know!  YOU SHOULD BUCKING KNOW!  This episode, is my personal favorite episode of the series for many, many reasons.  Okay, the main reason is Spike and Rarity, but still I can explain why this worked so well.

1. This built Spike's character, which at the time was needed.  We now knew a little about him, and what he's prone to do.  We don't have all the answers but we still got a little taste of what he's capable of and what he never wants to become.

2. Relationship building.  I failed to mention this in Sleepless, but the main reason that worked was because of the relationship building of Scoots and RD.  However, it paled in comparison to Rarity's and Spike's.  This episode built a closer bond, and a very platonic relationship that many still wonder if anything was there.  My shipping goggles says yes, but my common reasoning says it could just be small affection for a young lad.

3. This episode...believe it or not...had the most positive impact on the fandom than any other episode listed.  How is that?  Well, what other episodes have been the reason why many shipped the mass amount of artwork, fanservice, and stories surrounding the two?  What other episodes have caused people to actually try to figure out the origin of a single character, and what he could possibly be.

This might be a little reaching, but IMO, this episode sparked more good in the fandom than the others.  Not to say the others haven't, but this did it better.  And it also helps that the story was extremely solid and well written, giving Spike his well deserved episode. Here's for more Spike and Sparity in the future.

So this is my personal opinion.  What are yours, and why?  If you have something to say about mine or have your own, comment below.  Season 4 is on the way, and who knows...maybe one of these will be bumped to 11 and make way for a Season 4 episode.  Only time will tell...and by time I mean a few days XD.