Every series has that moment.  You know: that moment that makes you scratch your head in confusion.  Whether it's something stupid within the series such as Sonic 06, or a company decision such as Disc Locking from Capcom, or even responses from the viewers such as the PTC trying to take down Glee, every series goes through it.  And FIM, oh boy, has had it's fair share of moments.  Now this one you might not fully agree with me on and if you don't you can call me out on it, but this is my opinion.  There's no limit, except it has to make you OMG or WTF or a combination of the two.  This is the top 10 OMG WTF moments involving the series of FIM.

10. Games Ponies Play: Why You No Ask First?

Now this one will start off kind of a nitpicky note, but like I said, you don't have to agree.  So, remember how in my Top LOL Moments, I put Peachbottom on the list, as one of the funniest moments?  Well, yeah she still belongs
Peachbottom "the pleasure is all mine" S03E12 gonna ask why she's so antsy about the castle? No? OK >:(

there, but there's also something about that episode that made little to no sense to me, and it revolved around her. Why didn't any of the characters ask if she was if she was the inspector?  You mean to tell me, someone as observant as Twilight couldn't tell that Peachbottom was acting a little "funny"?  What did you need her to flirt with your brother to finally be all like "I guess we should question if she's a inspector or not!"  Seriously writers, this is 2013; you don't have to throw in slapstick for the sake of slapstick if it doesn't make sense!  Otherwise a really nice episode, this was kind of a silly moment that kind of made me want to scream at them what to do.

9. Princesses in Canterlot Wedding

Ok, this is no surprise.  I hate Celestia; yeah I know, it's hard to believe :P.  But there was one thing that I was hopeful for.  At the end of season 2, she was finally starting to put some pep in her step and queen it up a bit.  Her vs Chrysallis!  Sun goddess vs a mere mortal.  There's no way she would...

Uhhh...beg pardon?  Yeah, now I realize why you don't do anything with the main 7, cause you bucking suck at your job!  Seriously, the entire nation of Equestria depends on her?  You mean to tell me, that she got one shot by a mear mortal being.  It's not even the fact that she lost, it's the fact that she got royally owned and didn't even get a good lick in.  You can argue that "Chrysallis had the power of love", which is even more crap cause Celestia has the power of the sun and she gets beaten by a move Mati normally uses?  Yeah, we need a new set of royalty.

And just so you know, Luna's not out of the rut either.  Where the heck was she during the entire thing?  Was she just sleeping all day and ignored a group of changelings destroying the city. Seriously?

Celestia and Luna on lookout S2E25

You were right there! How did you not see the chaos! Clean those telescopes for God sake

What did you miss...Oh nothing much, just a take over by an evil (yet awesome) changling while your sister is trapped in a caccoon and Shining Armor is mentally mind wiped and the city being destroyed.  Just go back to sleep!  Yeah, stupid, and if it wasn't for Luna Eclipsed, I might not even have liked you as much >:P.  But the greatest WTF out of all of it is Celestia.  Seriously, for the love of cheese crackers, be useful in season 4 Celestia Damnit!!

8. Mysterious Mare Do Well

How much can you possibly say about this episode without vomitting.  The WTF of this, is how badly out of place everything was.  None of the characters were in character, RD was the biggest tool out of all of them, and the lesson was even worse seeing how they had to trick her into it.  This kind of cemented Merriwhether as the worst writter in the show, and it's a shame she couldn't have done better with the episode.  But really, why was it so bad.

Almost nobody liked this episode, nobody wants to talk about it, and nobody tries to remember it.  In fact, I probably brought back some bad moments so lets go on ahead before you guys get....too nostalgic on this masterpiece XD

7. Spike During Spike at Your Service

Applejack trying to talk to Spike while he is scratching her back S3E9 least your still good at backscratching

Hey, I have an idea, lets take a helpful, recourseful, and talented dragon, and turn him into a bumbling idiot.  Merriwether sucks at writing characters well; she really does.  And this was her worse character writing since Mare Do Well.  Although not as bad of an episode, it was more out of character than a bad fanfic.

The whole thing was just out of whack.  He sucked at the task he's normally good at and then some, yet can build a rock tower perfectly just for the sake of comedy relief.  You know what, that's what he was played off as.  I thought we got past that stage in season 1.  If you're going to write the character, write the character!!  Don't use random slapstick to drive your story.  We should be past that by now.

All I got to say is, if they give Merriwhether another Spike episode in season 4, I might blow a blood vessel.

6. Magical Mystery Cures Third Act

This has been talked to death so many times.  You probably know how I feel about it and it's pointless going over it again.  So instead, have a compilation on how it felt to a vast majority of the fandom after watching the last act of the season 3 finale.

5. Ms. Magazine Early Coverage

This is where the actual mind melting begins, as the next WTF moments are pretty big.  Let's start with the earliest one, and super early.  Like when the series started.  Now just sit down and reread this blog post from Ms. Magazine.

Okay, by now you're probably figuring out what's wrong with this blog post.  "Lesbianism showing?  The only two black's are slaves to a white overlord?"  Just a huge masive facepalm.  I know I look into the show alot, but this is too much reaching trying to find ways to say something bad about the show.

First off, how is being a masculine female (if RD is even that) and tough promoting tomboyish lesbianism.  What, are women supposed to be prissy and uptight or something?  I guess they think Buttercup, Tigress, and Wonder Woman are lesbians too huh.  And the whole black thing, really?  I wouldn't even call them black, it's just the mane color for them; if anything Zecora is black, and low and behold, they said nothing about the episode when the characters were acting xenophobic towards her.  Even if they were black, they are royal guards, which is apparently high honor to the princess.  So you consider all the other guards slaves too?  Funny thing is, this isn't rage's hilarious!  People are actually this stupid!  What's next, people are going to whine and moan about an offensive voice from a background chara...oh wait.

4. Derpygate

Yeah, remember this gem of a voice acting?  Oh boy was this something.  It was truely something!  And I found
Derpy winking S3E13

Can't kill me off parents XD

it hilarious; but not as hilarious as what was to follow.  Apparantely a bunch of PTC parents who would rather complain about a show instead of teach kids not to make fun of the subject matter wanted Derpy removed or voiced pulled because it was offensive.  And the thing actually worked!  Who was it offending really?  I don't think the mental people cared; they probably were laughing too (they do have a sense of humor).  I think the only people who were really complaining were the parents who didn't want to talk about this subject with their children.

And yes, mental retardation is a touchy subject, but trying to ban everything on tv just shows how little you are involved in your childs life.  Instead of being a tv Nazi, how about spend time with your child and teach them these kind of things.  They aren't as stupid as you think they are.

This and number 5 are the only things on the list that after you say OMG WTF you follow it up with STFU!

3. Equestria Girls

Equestria Girls Spike dog wearing collar with tag

Please oh please don't be real...oh God no..

Oh, this is where it hurts.  The one thing from Hasbro, you never wanted to see.  Now, who thought this was a good idea?  Does anyone want to see this?  I mean come on guys, this doesn't even look remotely good.  Not even close.  This concept sucked so bad it nearly put me in a depression state especially when I heard about the rumored Spike, which kind of messed me up a bit.  My reaction was kind of like this.

I mean if it's not obvious right now, this is just a cheap cash in that doesn't even appear to be trying to look good.  And with no news on it (not even after April), it makes me even more nervous that this is going to be less than what we've gotten in FIM.  In fact I'm almost certain this is going to be a flop.  But until then, all we can do is look and pray it's all a bad dream.  If not....well....the title of the blog says it all.

2. Mane 6 C/D

I was excited for this game a bit.  It looked good, it played well, and it was really well done.  I couldn't wait until this beast came out... and then

Really Hasbro!  You had nothing better to do than to pick out a game that was nearly finished?!  If it was such a
FANMADE Mane6logo

RIP Freedom of Fan-Creativity

big deal, then why didn't you deal with it when it was in it's early phase, while it was getting coverage from Gamespot for goodness sake, and when it went to cons.  Oh that's right, that Copyright Law know the one that can be easilly exploited.  You know, if you want to read the copyright law, go ahead, but this Cease and Desist was unnecessary since it was protected by it.  Black Mesa, Countless Sonic Project, and Shadow of Lylat (which sadly was never finished) were allowed to make their games without the corporate commanders trying to shut them down.  Hell, even Capcom used a fanmade Megaman game to promote the 20th anniversary.  So what's the deal here?

This is what pisses me off with corporate.  Anything they feel a "threat", even if it is free, they will bully people out of what they are doing, knowing good and well that they can't do anything to stop it.  It happened with the Chrono Trigger 3D fangame.  Do they not realize that this will promote the show better than that Gameloft game, or maybe they were worried that this would take away from their profits.  It's sad really, but at least Lauren and Skullgirls are showing support, and here's hoping that Hasbro will learn from this....but that's very unlikely to be honest. :(

1. Reason Lauren Left

While we're on the subject of Lauren...we should talk about the biggest moment that would cause a WTF to leak out of even nine year olds.  Remember when Lauren left the show?  Remember how it was unknown for some time or at least not clear?  Well after recent events, this line makes all the more sense: 

"Various circumstances with the production made it impossible for me to keep up the creative involvement and control I had at the start of the series."

Now look at the things they've incorporated (two are in the list now).  See what I'm getting at here?!  It has become
FANMADE Fausticorn

You started it all. My hats off to you

apparant (or at least hinting towards the fact) that Lauren was given little control over the show she had helped make popular.  You know, the show we liked because the writers made it, not because Hasbro made it.  And because of this, it's also apparant of one other sad thing:

Hasbro does not care about creativity; they care about the sales.  If it sales, make it.  And while the writers now are doing the best they can to keep the original ideals alive (they're doing a pretty good job actually), it's still sad to see this kind of corporate bs.  This is why Sym-Bionic Titans got canned, cause it did poor in toy sales.  Oh, they didn't care about how ratings went, just that it wasn't marketable for explotable money like Johnny Test was.

This kind of thing is a hinderage to creativity IMO, and it's really a nerve wrecking thing.  And I hope that the writers can keep what made FIM good alive.  As for Lauren, whatever she's doing can best believe we won't forget what you created.  And in your absense, all I can say is WTF is Hasbro doing?

If you disagree, go ahead and state it.  But this to me, is the biggest OMG WTF moment in the FIM series