You see this you honestly think we're going to have a grand ol happy time with this.  NO!  This isn't good old agreement fest, this is the list I'm sure most of you probably won't agree with me on.  So get ready for the rage (not really) because these are the top 10 worst episodes thus far.  Same applies with the last list, I have to explain why certain episodes are on my list, especially if a character is a reason and because this is episodes...I can't count EG (consider yourself lucky).  So lets get this most hated listed out of the way, cause Comic Con is coming, and I want to get this off my chest:

10. Crystal Empire

This might come as a surprise to others since I stated that I like this episode.  So how does something I like get on this list?  Well let me explain.  At heart I still like this episode.  The development of Spike and Twilight was enough to make the episode enjoyable.  But with that said, it's really flawed in my opinion.  One of the things that bothered me was how Twilight heavy this episode was.  It started the trend of "Twilight will do anything by herself" thing that you all know I hate.  It wouldn't have bothered me as much if the other 5 were doing something to help, but all they were doing was standing in the background, just distracting instead of actually helping.  I hate it when shows that have 7 main characters try to go so focus heavy on one, undermining the importance of the others.

King Sombra observing the changing circumstances S03E02

Why weren't you more useful?

Also, I didn't really care for Sombra outside of design.  He looks pretty cool, but other than that he's not really interesting.  In fact, he's really the worst villian in the series (2nd worst counting EG).  Now some have compared him to the Eye of Sauron, and while not being a huge Lord of the Rings fan, wasn't the eye crappy too?  What made him more intimidating was his army and support, which he needed to claim his dominance.  If they really wanted Sombra to be intimidating, how about giving him a army of loyal followers, or have an occult that works to bring him back?!  

The episode again wasn't terrible, but it wasn't as good as what I remembered.  This marks the beginning of one of the worst seasons so far in my opinion.

9. Games That Ponies Play

Rainbow's rage expression S3E12

Yeah...wouldn't be here if you used the grey matter now would you?

Again, not a terrible episode, but it leaves a lot to be desired.  Following after the nicely done Just for Sidekicks, you'd think this would be another really well done episode since we get the perspective of the other ponies.  But what happens is a story that could have been wrapped up in about 2 minutes if the characters acted like they had a brain.  Every character with the exception of Rarity (who ironically barely showed up in this episode) acted incompetant just to pad out the story.  Would it not have been hard for Twilight to ask the description of teh inspector to make their life easier instead of getting the wrong pony?  Would it have not been easier to ask questions, to get info, something that idk, someone as smart as Twilight (or supposed to be anyways) should ask!  What's with these ponies problem about getting their info straight.

Also, Pinkie Bucking Pie!  She was the worst, the most annoying character in the episode thus far.  I couldn't stand how she acted throughout and it kinda ruined what I did like about this episode (namely the new characters).  Most likely the games will happen in season 4, and if so, lets hope that it's less stupid, less annoying, and less nonsensical than this one.

8. Griffon the Brush Off

Unlike alot of fans of the show, this episode isn't on here because of Gilda.  In fact, I kind of like her; she had an interesting design and could have possibly been an intriguing character if the writing was done better.  I honestly don't care that she made a pony that practically everyone in the show has cry, and I don't care that she was rude to Pinkie (since she honestly deserved it anyways).  What got me about this episode and her involvement is how idiotic it all turned out.  Pinkie throws a party in order to try to make Gilda nice...did she not see how stupid that was?  How is a party going to make someone who steals, messes with the elderly, and hates the character who threw it going to help anything?!  Not only that, but the pranks pulled just served to force the moral.  You can't honestly tell me you wouldn't be mad if you got shocked, hot sauced, and pissed on throughout the party!

Look, Gilda was handled badly, I'll admit that, but she doesn't deserve the hate she does (EHAN, Fluttershy is not messiah deary.  About anyone can make her cry) and if she gets the chance, I hope she makes a comback and we can explore her land as well (cough cough...Griffon Empire).  But as is, the story, characterization, and all around presentation was poor.  This was not a good introduction to one of my favorite species, and I hope sometime in the future they can give Gilda better writers.

7. Look Before You Sleep

There's not really much to talk about with this one.  This episode made it's way here because it was so boring.  I liked the animosity that AJ and Rarity had with each other and it was all fine and dandy (especially since some of that caried over to other seasons) but the plot itself was forgettable.  I mean, the episode itself involved a sleepover...a sleepover.  A sitcommy, silly, not so interesting sleepover :/. 

Yeah, there's not really much I wanna say about this snoozefest so lets move onto the episodes that I actually start disliking..

6. A Friend In Deed

An entire episode with Pinkie being annoying and trying to convert a grumpy donkey into her friend...yeah.  I never got the appeal of Pinkie, and this episode didn't help much.  She just felt like a nuesance; she annoyed the crap out of someone who wanted to be left alone, sang annoyingly (after the Smile Song) and just didn't give him his space.  Remember how I said I didn't blame Gilda for being mad, well this episode kind of helped support my reasoning...Pinkie is too damn impossing.

And you know, I wish I didn't dislike Pinkie, but she never really gives me anything to work with.  Outside of the two episodes I listed before, nothing about her episodes make her likable, as she's really just there for pointless jokes and nonsensical humor that more or less is too random and forced for me to enjoy.  Out of all the episodes however, this proved to be the worst for me, and I didn't really enjoy it much.  Sorry Pinkie fans, but until she gets her act together, she's always going to be my least favorite of the main group, and this episode didn't help.

5. Magical Mystery Cure

Twilight shining as alicorn S3E13

I talked about you enough! Now could you stop showing up in my blogs!?

Oh boy....this is coming up again.  Most might be thinking that this is on here because I don't like the alicornization, and I'm still butthurt about it.  Well, while that is a stupid thing, it's not why this episode is on here...but before I go there, let me explain once and for all why this didn't sit well.  Most believe this is "progression", but it really isn't.  What could she not do that she could do with wings now?  NOTHING!  Oh, she can make laws and fly now; yeah, flying is real progression....cause politics is why we watch mlp right?  We want to see Twilight make laws.  I'm more upset about it because it felt like a poor attempt to make more toys, and they didn't really flesh it out well.  The whole thing was forced and it shows, leaving a bitter taste in many fans mouth since they don't buy the silly notion that this is progression (especially since other characters haven't progressed you hypocritical fans you :P).  But the alicorn princess thing alone wasn't the issue...the pacing of the episode also hurt it.  It was too rushed.  They tried to do too much for a 30 minute episode.  Too many songs (with only two that I liked), two plots that didn't mix, the resolution came to fast, and contradicted the other message.  How the hell do you go from shaping your own destiny to "oh, you have to be princess cause destiny!"  That's stupid and contrived.  It's as low as it was, because even with the issues I had with it, it's not the worst.  It's actually less insulting than the Legend of Korra's final moments, which retconned worse than this.  But even then, Korra was just subjected to bad writing in the end.  This was subjected to bad writing and pandering...and a sad attempt to sell more toys.

4. Boast Buster

Trixie Watch in awe! S1E06

Great and Powerful....more like Weak and Terrible

I will never understand you guys for the life of me.  The biggest complaint about Gilda is that she's mean, cruel, annoying, and just overall a dislikable character.  Um, just described Trixie!  How does she get a pass for her actions (made even worse by Magic Duel) and Gilda get so much crap.  I'm going to make some mad for saying this...but Trixie is not a good character at all.  She's annoyingly boastful, not funny in the slightest, and really only has a fanbase because of the EQD.  But....she's not the reason this episode failed.

The main characters were why it failed.  The characters in here were kind  They wanted Twilight to outshow Trixie, even Spike.  It kind of seems a little OOC to try to coerce Twilight to snobishly outshow a character.  And...need I have to say anything about Snips and Snails.  They bring a deadly bear into town just so Trixie could show off!  Why!  Just...why.

I know alot like this episode, but this is one of the few season 1 episodes that was just, well, bad

3. Keep Calm and Flutter On

At this point you probably know what my least favorite season is huh.  Yeah, well I'm one of the people who didn't really like this episode, and I'll explain why.  So the premise is...Discord gets reformed into a good guy.


Discord grabbing Fluttershy's cheek S3E10

What have they done to you man...this looks familiar :P

Yeah...Discord a good guy.  Who thought this would be a good idea?  I like Discord, and seeing more of him would have been nice, but this was not the way to do it.  First of all, the reasoning for why Celestia wants him reformed isn't even there, so there is no reason.  What am I supposed to go on?!  What are they ex lovers and she just feels bad for him!?  Second, the resolution is terrible...TERRIBLE!  Let's go into something I like to call turning antagonist into protagonist 101.  We're going to use One Piece Robin and Avatar Zuko for reference.

1. Make sure the antagonist don't live off chaos and evil: Discord's motive (and name for god sake!) indicates his sole purpose is to cause discordant to the world.  All Robin originally wanted was to find the hyroglyphs and her best solution was to work for Crocodile, and Zuko wanted to capture the avatar in order to gain respect from his father.  Both are reasons that don't make them come off evil, but they still do terrible things to reach their goals.  They have a motive.

2. There needs to be a good reason why they change: Luffy took Robin's death from her, so because she had nowhere else to go, she decides to stick with the Straw Hats, basically making her have to change for them.  Zuko goes through realization about what he was doing, and decides to finally think for himself and do what's best for his nation.  Why do they want Discord (the escense of chaos) reformed?  I don't know, Hasbro pulled a card and it said make Discord good or something.

3. The reason for both of Robin's and Zuko's full change were clear and well developed.  It took time for them to fully realize how their friendship with the group impacted them.  Discord made 1 friend with Fluttershy, two minutes later poof good!  What!  Okay, if all Discord wanted was a friend, why in the holy hell didn't Celestia and Luna try that 1000 years ago!  What were they just racist tyrants!?  Did they not want to put in the effort!?

At any rate, this episode pandered in the worst way, practically nutering my favorite antagonist of half of what made him great.  That's what they did, they got the shears and practically snipped it off.  I dare season 4 to prove me wrong, but chances are he's only going to show up like 2 or 3 times..rendering this episode and change...entirely pointless.

2. Spike at Your Service

Oh god....I really hate this episode...I freaking hate it.  And this saddens me, because this stars my favorite characters: Spike and AJ.  The premise sounded nice, but the execution wasn't as a bumbling idiot for the sake of comedy, curtesy of Merriwhether Williams.


What is with her writing characters out of character for the sake of comedy.  I'd understand if it was Rarity, but how is helping AJ any reason for him to basically fail at his most basic skills!  He can bake, he can clean, so why is this so hard for him!  It's made even worse by the fact that even if you could argue that it's because he was eager, that argument gets debunked by the fact that he builds a giant rock thing for RD to run into...all for pure cheap comedy!

And...since when did Spike have an honor code?  He's been saved many times before and this code hasn't been put in.  Why is Twilight acting as if "well duh, it's a dragon thing" all of a sudden?  It was made clear in season 2 she had no idea how dragons worked, so why act like it now!?

This episode hurt....this was around the time that both AJ and Spike were getting good development, and then this comes around.  This alone helped seal the deal of the worst season for me, and quite honestly the worst writter....though the number one spot does that better.

1. The Mysterious Mare Do Well I really need to explain this episode.  I don't think I need to in fact I won't.  Instead, I'll just play this...which is what this episode felt like to 90%of anyone who watched it.  Yeah...I went there...

Please replace Merriwhether or give her better writing skills.

Applejack 'with these babies' S2E08

Yeah that's true friendship...getting back at your jerk friend to prove a point...yeah, nice story >:/

But even with the bad episodes....we still have good episodes to even it out.  And as a whole, the bad ones don't ruin the series, just make it not the best thing ever.  What makes the fandom strong is the community, willing to make watching this series better because of their involvement.  As for the writing, it has the potential of being really good when it wants, and then being really bad.  As long as season 4 has good moments, we will be in good terms.  in 12 hours, we'll see a taste of what we will get and hopefully, it's sweet tasting.