Hello guys!  Have you guys gotten over the alicorn thing yet?  Done crying and tearing up over recent events?  Well too bad!  We aren't here to have a grand old happy time, we're going to be depressing tonight!  So grab that comfort ice cream and get ready to shed liquid pride, because this is my top 8 most emotional moments so far.  Why only 8?  I only had enough tissue for that amount :'(

8. The Wedding Episodes

For a thought up out of nowhere, the writers managed to convince me that Shining Armor has always been apart of the family from the beginning (though sadly not enough to make you not forget he was used for plot development).  The relationship between Twilight and her brother is probably one of the better 1 episode development things they've done and it helps that they added a conflict that was both emotional and realistic...dealing with the family members spouse.  When Twilight wanted to uncover "Cadences" evilness, the scene afterwards quickly turned sour, with Shining Armour dismissing her from attending the wedding and...gasp..her teacher being dissapointed.  That's..alot to take, knowing that you potentially lost the trust of your brother, friends, and mentor all in one fell swoop.  Even the relationship between Cadence and Shining Armour felt natural and organic, and the delima that they were going through, making me feel sad that her hubby (yeah I said that; don't go around thinking I'm soft) was being controled by an evil yet oddly seductive <3 changeling and I was rooting for the reunion.  However, this is as low as it is on the list because of the cheesy Power of Love thing and...well..this.  Seriously, how am I supposed to cry when that annoying chant is used in canon over...and over...AND BUCKING OVER I'M SICK OF....

7. Hurricane Fluttershy

I love Fluttershy's character for reasons I've stated and I hope to see more of her in development in season 4 (go to the blog about that now!).  What really made this episode to me is the was the interaction with the characters, and I'm glad they didn't have every character there as that would have conflicted and overloaded the episode.  It was a really good episode and one of my top favorites.  But how is it emotional?  Well think of it this way: she's tasked with helping the Pegasi beat the record and make a tornado with the wing power with 1000.  Fluttershy, of course, is the weakest of the Pegasi and even when she gives it her all, it's not enough.  In this episode, RD wasn't
Crying Fluttershy S2E22

No Fluttershy, no no stop it. Stop making me have feelings :'(!!

forceful, impossing, or a complete freakin tool.  She was being considerate of her feelings and her fears which, for Fluttershy, is completely reasonable.  The torment from her past was a strong motivator for the episode and drew in the sadness a little more.  And when I saw Fluttershy cry (for a legit reason this time), it almost hurt me.  She felt she was inferior and too weak and that emotion showed really well.  She even went as far as to say that someone like RD, wouldn't know how it felt to feel like a failure.  That has to hurt to hear that from a friend.  In the end, they didn't beat the record, but they did what was needed to be done, and that's complete the tornado, with Fluttershy overcomming her fears and conquering the odds.  It was truely a heartwrenching moment.  You're overlord deserves your attention.

6. Applejack's Family Death (We All Saw that from A Mile Away)

Say what you want about AJ, but she has to deal with more emotional crap than any other character (other than 2 which I'll get to later).  She has a granny well above the average mare's lifespan, she takes responsibilty for the farm, raises money for grannies hips, and has to carry the burden of being the only character so far with 2 dead parents (keyword being 2).  The sad thing is, we actually see it being implemented in canon.  At the end of Apple Family Reunion, we see two shooting stars shoot across the skies representing her parents.  Now generally that would be speculating...until the writers come out and say that it is in fact her parents.  Be in denail as you will but you're only doing it to hold back that liquid juice...cause a kids show just acknowledged the deaths of a main characters parents.  Symbolic or not, it's still sad to see that in this show and paints a picture to who the hat belongs to.  It makes me wonder how poor AJ would do without being near the farm.  Speaking of...

5. Magical Mystery Cure

Probably the most emotional episode of the entire series, this episode managed to poke at your heartstrings and even tug on it quite a bit during the ride.  The music, the scenery, the animation, and the atmosphere around it all served to make this a really depressing episode.  Now think about that, how do you make a show about ponies depressing!  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!!  Simple, you do this.  Oh God why!  This song has watered my eyes on multiple occasions and I rarely tear up (didn't cry though) over media.  All throughout the episode, it was filled with emotional situations.  Twilight faulting herself, the bond between her and Spike, the True True Friend, and even Celestia's bit (can't believe they made me like 1 thing about her).  Yep, this was a really really deep and enriching episode....until the pulled the biggest Deus Ex Machina at the end.  Seriously!  SERIOUS....

4. Spike and Twilight in Crystal Empire

I loved the direction they took these two this season.  It gave them the more development with each other, something they needed.  The biggest and first user of this...Crystal Empire.  These two were inseperable in this episode.  Spike giving up a day to be with Rarity just to help his older sister with what she needed to do.  This relationship with each other only grew stronger as the episode moved on and led up to the one scene that landed this scenario so high and I'm sure you know what it is.  The mirror scene.  Twilight's was pretty sad and realistic.  Failing your mentor can be really crushing to someone who built their lives trying to learn from her.  It brought out her deepest fears.  But the most heartpulling one was Spike.  You'd expect his reaction to be "oh no Rarity doesn't love me!"  Yeah, make him a huge comic relief and make a sad moment kind of fun... Jesus McCarthy.  This was the episode they needed to do to prove that they can write just as well as Lauren could...and yes, it was really, really sad.

3. Pinkie's Breakdowns

What?  Pinkie getting on my most emotional moments?  Seeing how I dislike her so much, you'd think she'd be nowhere near my list.  Well she wouldn't if it wasn't for one thing.  Remember Party of One?  Remember that little meltdown she had?  Remember when she created her own friends out of nothing in order to replace the friends she thought abandoned...yeah you get the picture.  I can't help but feel bad for her when this happens.  As annoying as she is, it's obvious she suffers from slight manic depression, and anytime she reaches that Pinkamena mode, it
Crazy Pinkie Pie S1E25

Yeah, she has issues...issues I can't make fun of her for :(

almost hurts.  It really makes me feel bad; I don't want to dislike her when she goes through that.  It's like if Bush was on the streets in rags begging for change and reaking of near death; I wouldn't want to hate him, I'd just want to get him a Starbucks or something.  She has a problem, which she even said she did, and whatever is causing that depression, I hope it doesn't drive her off the wall.  I mean, what character could you possibly feel worse for?

2. Spike in Season 2

Well, how about a character that went from sideline to being one of the most fleshed out and deep characters on the show.  It was all thanks to Secret of My Excess.  The episode went as far as to give Spike a monstrous issue, his greed and it nearly destroying a town filled with ponies he loved.  It was because of his nature, that caused him to go rampant, but also because of a reminder of his generosity from Rarity.  And then, something special happened.  When he tried to confess, she simply covered his mouth and smiled tearing up, something that
Spike remorse S2E10

Cheer up buddy could be could be Sasuke.

actually caught me off gaurd.  What made the episode even more emotional and even more sad was the implications of what he could do, and that he might view his dragon nature as a curse (putting his hands over the big monstrous hands to reflect).  Dragon Quest, until sadly dumbed down by stupid puberty dragons, added to his character more.  You get a sense that he truely wants to know who he is and is willing to go great lengths to find that answer.  "I wonder if dragons cry" :'(.  He's historyless, doesn't know his parents, and has a dark inner evil that could potentially hurt the ones he loves.  That's alot for a baby dragon to take and to me at least, results in him being one of the deepest characters as well as having some of the most emotional moments of the series.

1. Return of Harmony Part 2

When Friendship falls, when all of your friends change, when everything goes arry, what can you do.  Fall to sadness and give up on them.  This is what almost happened to Twilight this episode and to me is one of the saddest moments of the series so far.  Trying to defeat Discord (aka one of the best villians eva), he corrupts Twilights friends and reverses their elements.  This results in a falling out, fight, and eventual breakup of the group, having Twiligh eventually give up and grey out herself.  And to add insult to injury, she sheds her own liquid the shape of a broken heart.  God, I swear they're trying to reach Clint Eastwood sadness at this rate.  What really made this was on how early it was.  She was building her bonds and the crush almost destroyed
Gray Twilight still sad when Discord remarks, &quot;It&#039;s priceless!&quot; S2E02

Trust me, wanted to kick this guy in his smug face for a moment.

them, until she was reminded about friendship and what it could do.  By far one of the best episodes of the series, it also was one of the most emotional and sad.

So..sniff..there you go.  8 emotional moments.  Got any more that you want to make people cry over, well do share.  I will be collecting your tears as refreshment.