DT here...god I made too many blogs in the past two days.  I think I should be using this time studying or something :P

Anyways, I enjoyed writing the top 8 list, so I decided I might make it a regular thing.  I have a few in mind that I want to do sometime when I feel like it

- Top OMG WTH Moments (contraversies, show inconsinstacies, random moments)

- Top Funniest Moments

- Top 1 Episode Characters of the Show 

These are some, but if there's anything that would interest you guys as a top list, then let me know.  You want to humor me with a top best list or torture me with the top worst, please let me know.

1 thing I won't do is top main characters as my opinions on them are already on the main page, other than that go nuts and surprise me ;)