Yo guys! What's inside the plot box? No, you pervs, not that plot. The plot driving box. That box around the Tree of Harmony that needs six keys! It can be anything! You never know. Here are my guesses:

-Magical Alicorn Powers for all 6

-Another plot for season 5

-The key to beating the big bad of season 4

-The Chaos Emeralds

-A TF2 Hat

-Spike's Destiny (magical wings and horn)

-The CMC's Cutie Marks

-Flash Sentry (he escaped the awful movie!)

-A flashback about the Princesses again

-Gummy's Brain

-An Uzi

-Fingers for Lyra

-A poorly made FIM toy

-Button's Mom after signing a contract to be in the show

-A baby alicorn

-The princesses' (other than Twi's) importance to the plot

-Discord's antics

-My car keys

-Another box that requires more keys

-The Dragon Balls

-The One Piece

-The map of Equestria's outer limits

-The Master Ball

-The Great Fausticorn

and Last but certainly not least

-The contract binding FIM for 10 more seasons

So, what do you think is inside the box. You can be for real or you can be downright silly. Just have fun predicting until the season ends what's inside that thing.

Mysterious chest S4E02

What's inside the Fox Box?