What Do I Want to See From Pinkie Pie in Season 4?

Nothing!!!  She's not worth talking about.  In fact, I bet she'll get background.  Bye!

Ok, fine I'm not [completely] serious.  I was going to put another main character before her but some random guy put this on my talk page...

". oh, and second of all, can you make one of those "what i want to see in season 4" about Pinkie Pie? She is my favorite character. Btw Celestia sucks in my opinion too. She is so boring, as Discord said"

So to make this guy happy  and because Nihi will most likely read it (you crazy brony you ;) ).  I'll go ahead and do Pinkie.  Besides, might as well save the best for last right?  So, lets try this again

What Do I Want to See From Pinkie Pie in Season 4?

Cause I love to see you smile smile smile....unless I'm flat haired, then I love to see you DIE DIE DIE!!

You know what would be great...more interaction with the Cakes.  I mean, all we saw this season of them was little shots during Magic Duel.  I want to see Pinkie interact more with not only the little ones, because they are so adorable to me :3, but also the Cakes themselves.  I feel that there is some potential bonding moments between them since they see each other as family in a way that the show has yet to explore yet.  It would be nice to see an episode centered around them and Pinkie for a majority of the episode.  How about an episode where the Cakes go on a honeymoon and put Pinkie in charge of the shop until they get back (cause we all know how well that would work) or even an anniversary and Pinkie is oblivious to the issues while still being her bubbly self, ala Butter's Very Own Episode style, except not so explicit and family breaking as what South Park did.

Everyone knows it's Pinkie.  "THAT'S ME!!"

Also, why isn't she interacting with her family more?  I mean, they're obviously alive, she obviously loves them, so why no interaction.  Seriously, for a character with actual alive parents that we've known about for 3 seasons, she hasn't spoken to them once.  Hell, AJ had more conversations with her parents...and they're dead.  I bet AJ's all like:

"Ya ungrateful gal.  At least you have parents, Ah gotta talk to two fallin' stars ev'ry five years to even interact with em."

I think she needs to interact with her Amish family more, and maybe make a conflict with them and probably the Cakes about who she should permanetly stay with.  Or even that there's a problem on the rock farm and they want Pinkie to help out, having her leave her friends for her families happiness.  I'm pretty sure she'd go through a little sadness and misery for her dull as they seem.  I mean seriously, what kind of business is a rock farm XD (and sadly that's how Rarity met Tom)

Oh, and let's not forget...manic depressive Pinkie which you guys obviously call Pinkamena.  I want to see more of this dilemma.  We see at least one each season but this season, I want them to go all out.  Maybe the only way she can chear up is by making...CUPCAKES!  Delicious, not creepy Cupcakes!

Maybe add a Dash of sprinkles that Sparkles in the sunlight.  It's a Rarity of a delicousy that even beats the most handcrafted Cakes!  hahahahah!!! HAHAHAHHAHA.....Yeah I'm going to hell :'(.

Well that's all I got, and I'm sure this is all you can stomach anyways, so do as usual.  Make inputs about this or give your own opinions.  In the meantime, I'm going to go see a physiatrist because....

At least that's one thing we have in common Pinkie.  Peace.