What do I Want to See From AJ in Season 4?

"I'm not gonna get background no more. 1,2,3,4"

"I'll get a role in season 4. 1,2,3,4"

But in all seriousness, this was the first season where no one "stole" her episode (thank you Derpy and Flim Flam), and it was a really good episode.  Unfortunately, it was affiliated with the shortest season of the series so you know, kind of a mixed bag >:(.  Next season should be her definate season, as in she gets a good amount of attention.  Just because she's the straight man of the group doesn't mean she doesn't deserve love.  Getting tired of the background jokes.

I would like to see more interaction between Big Mac and her.  I mean, not this kind of interaction:

"So Big Mac, did anything cool today?"


"You really get your kicks out of being the quite type don't you -.-"


I want full coherant sentences  coming from them.  I know he can speak well; he did it 3 times (if you count his possessed love talk coherant).  Also want to get to know more of AJ's family.  You know, her cousins, that blue freckled guy who saw her eat the fritters, and more Braeburn who, ironically enough has been shown the least out of most of AJ's family since season 1.

Also, I think that the fix Granny Smith's hip thing kind of lost it's focus around the second half of season know come to think of it, when was the last time AJ tried to raise money for the farm or Granny?  I think we should go back to focusing on that aspect of her.  You know, her determination to help maintain the farm and get that hip replacement Granny always wanted.  I'm curious to why this hasn't been her focus since season one.  Probably because she's too busy flirting with Twilight to actually care.  What, you can't possibly think that someone drives around with a cardboard cutout of their best friends just for fun.  IDK maybe I'm overthinking it.  Afterall, fans are seeing more Rarijack then anything, though I think they have a frienemies route going, but hey, like I said, overthinking.

FANMADE Liarjack Cardboard

Speaking of Twijack, we didn't really get too much interacting with them outside of Spike at Your Service, and we all know what a service that was -.-.  Being that they share a best friend dynamic, I would think that they would interact a little more like they did in season 1 and 2.  Especially in season 2 where they seemed to closely bond.
Twilight integrity rewards S2E15

I see no subcontext. Nope, not at all.

 I mean, some people think it was in a kind of suggestive way but I don't really see it.  I mean, them being tied to a tree together.  What could possibly come out of that :D

But I digress, what do you guys want to see from the roudy country girls this season.  Seeing how she's one of my favorites, I'm hoping for a good treatment of her next season.  So what do you guys think?  I'd like to know.  Now enjoy these two awkwardly wrapped together in rope.  See ya >:)

FANMADE Twilight Applejack Rope