What do I want to see from Rarity in Season 4?

Well, for starters you can give her a bucking episode.  The biggest fashionista who adores attention gets no episode this season.  Of all the things that could happen, this is....the third worst thing this season.

We haven't seen her do what she loves to do much this season outside of the premiere.  It seems like all she's done is use Spike and Sweetie Belle as carriages!  Although if I were those two I would be thankful.  Never know when heavy lifting will come in handy in there lives.  Speaking of Sweetie, I think next season should have some sister bonding moments just like last season.  Maybe even some family bonding since Rarity barely interacted with her parents.  Mother's Day episode anybody?

Rarity, you have a princess as a friend now.  Use her.  You know how much work could be done with a practice princess?  She could do her hair, make some dresses, and find inspiration.  Top that off with connections from Spike and using him as a gem hunter/pin cushion and I think you'll have a successful business.  Another destiny filled, except this one won't be forced...WHOOPS!  Did I just say that out loud!! 

Also, I feel that this is the season where the whole Sparity thing needs to have a definative conclusion.  Rarity I know you like him doing stuff for you and this might complicate things, but you either have to accept him or reject him.  And hey the rejection might be used as a lesson if it happens and teaches children how to deal with crushes being...well..crushed!  It's a more affective lesson then some of the other lessons given.  Or maybe she returns some of the feelings, which is also possible; but I would like either one to happen next season.  I mean the guy already gave you his heart, it was in the shape of a fire ruby.  The least you could do is stop leading him on.  Speaking of which, what does Rarity do with that thing?  Hope it isn't anything too embarrasing.

FANMADE Rarity licks Fire Ruby

If you have something you'd like to see from our favorite fashionista then drop on down those opinions.  Night folks ;)