What Do I Want To See From Spike in Season 4?

DT WANTS!!  Oops, sorry.  Dragon greed :3.

You knew it was only a matter of time before I did this one.  Just look at my avatar!  You had to have known he was gonna be in this.  So lets get to it.

Well buddy, it looks like you're in charge of keeping Twilight from flipping her lid now that she's a princess.  I hope he will have an impact in her life or at least aid her so she doesn't go all Lesson Zero on us again.  Also hope they don't make him take in excessive paperwork.  IDK how painful that stuff is, but vomitting 30 scrolls a day can't be comfortable.  This will also make more interaction with Twilight Sparkles a must.  I mean, she's a bucking Princess now!  If you start rubbing Spike off as unnecessary you kind of make Season 3 opening in vain.  Anyone who read my Top 10 Emotional Moments will know what I'm talking about.

But Twilight isn't the only character he should have more interactions with.  There are at least 2 others I can think of.  1 of them is Shining Armor.  I mainly want to see them because they seem to share a big bro little bro relationship, but are apparently cool enough with each other for one to have the other throw a bachelor party for him.  I want to see them hang out a bit and have some legit dude time.  I mean, they obviously needed more than that bachelor party.  Wonder how that went.  Probably involved a bunch of mares and cider ;)

The other character he should interact with is Celestia.  I mean, she's apparantely the "adoptive mother" and they don't do anything together.  Unless they're smoking doobies during their "royal business", I kind of want to see them interact.  The IDW comics did this in a short fashion, but they were interacting and it felt natural.  I mean, seriously, show care, take him to dinner, play with him, give him some lady winning advices, cause at this point, the only character Celestia's seemed to care about is her little fantasy student!

Speaking of lady winning, this season should be it:  the one to make or break Sparity once and for all.  I think we could go into some nice, emotional situations with Spike learning how to handle just being friends instead of dating, even if it does crush the poor guy.  Or alternatively, they could drop subtle hints that there are chances for him, like maybe she shows signs of jelousy that someone else has Spikes attention.  But above all, be nice to the guy (writers, no excuses this season >:( ).  Also, Spike needs to get his swag back up to season 2 levels when it comes to his girl, cause this season wasn't really swagalicious for him.  Seriously Spike, smelling your feet?  Yeah, can't be doing that.

And finally, but certainly the most important, I want to learn more about his origins.  Maybe learn more about why he was abandoned as a child or learn more about his dragon bretheren.  I have a feeling that the reason for his abandonment was because they didn't have a choice and since his mother trusted Celestia, she gave him to her.  Or at least that's what I would like to believe the writers might take it into a different direction.  I was going to put a sad and heartwarming picture of Spike's mom holding his egg, tears in her eyes while smiling and then Celestia is in the background, but for some odd reason I can't seem to find it.  So instead, have another embarrasing picture of Rarity with a Fire Ruby.

FANMADE Rarity FireRuby

I have like a million photos like these.  I'm sure Spike will appreciate them ;)

Anyways, that's all I got from the main cast.  Got anymore anticipations or what you want to sees, drop them off below.  Peace.