What Do I Want to See from Fluttershy in Season 4?

Her showing her true colors.  I mean, she hasn't been doing a good job hiding it recently; plus I've seen enough Shed.Mov and Friendship is Witchcraft to know what she truely is.

FANMADE FlutterEvil

Let the dark ruler control your life.  It's alot more painless then not loving her.

On a serious note though, I want to see her interact with more characters.  Her lack of interaction with the characters individually should be adressed; one of the characters needed to be interacted with is Spike.  They slightly did it in season 3, but for someone who found the guy cute and was the most estatic to see him, she really hasn't communicated with him much.  Her communication with her "best friend" Rarity has also slipped under the radar.  Though to be fair, it's also hard to talk to someone who was backgrounded the entire season.  Rarity is probably pouting now with the lack of attention she got.

Also where are her parents?  She's officially the only one other than Spike who we know nothing about her parents.  They have to be alive somewhere; she couldn't have gone to school without her parents taking her.  Unless her parents were abusive (probably the dad) which would explain why she's so shy all the time.  Though I don't want to think too dark with her; we already have 1 character with dead parents, we don't need abusive ones as well.

I kinda want to see an episode with Fluttershy as a dragon.  I know it was only rumored but something else was also rumored and became canon, so why not this.  It would be a pretty funny situation to see her try to adjust to the situation.  Wonder what Spike would think; I can also just see a smug grin on Discords face.  Wouldn't be surprised if he's the one who did it.

Yeah, wonder how the relationship between Discord and her will turn out.  Knowing him, he's going to be a little trouble maker.  Friend making time!

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Speaking of Social Links, I think I'm gonna go play some Persona.  In the meantime, what do you think?  Any ideas of your own for the "shy one".  If so, you know what to do.  Peace.