What do I want to see from Rainbow Dash in Season 4?

And to be honest, I actually want to see her next season!  She's come along way from that episode that shall not be named but still packs a few egotistical jerk moments.  Just enough to keep her at #6

And that's one thing I want them to do.  I want them to have consistant characterization with her.  None of that I'm gonna be compasionate and considerate and then a complete egotistical narcasist the next minute.  You got someone looking up to you now Dash!  You can't come off as a super mega jerk anymore.

While season 3 started the Scootaloo relationship, it didn't really go to far with it.  I want season 4 to kind of add onto that and have RD be like her God sister.  Hang out with her, take her places, and be kind of like what Dash's father was to her.  Speaking of which anyone else wanna see him again?

She should become a Wonderbolt; that's not really an argument now!  If Twi can become a full blooded alicorn without even trying you can be a Wonderbolt just like that.  Better get that position and fulfill the destiny that you at least built up.  Honestly surprised she wasn't a little discouraged by the fact that Twilight reached a goal she didn't even know she'd reach faster than RD became a Wonderbolt.  I know I would.

Also...if you guys don't know since Trixie made a comeback and challenged Twilight...maybe bring back...Gilda?  Yeah, I know a thousand tomatoes thrown my way but I could at least try.  I'm assuming this image also won't change your minds.

FANMADE Gilda Rainbow Dash Filly

Well that's all I got.  Want to voice an opinion or torch me for the Gilda idea (as most of you probably do) you know what to do.  Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go watch for the millionth time.  See ya!