What do I want to see from Twilight next season?

How about less of her for starters!  You chose the whole princess thing; you suffer the consequences of only getting two episodes worth of screentime a season!

Although I'm kinda joking, I hope she doesn't become season 4's focus.  The biggest way to make the whole "thing stay the same" argument bullcrap is to give her all the attention next season.

If she has to be a princess, then I at least want her to take on some roles that would allow her to perform whatever leadership duties she has.  Whatever challenge comes there way needs to be better than turning an apple to an orange or something stupid like that.  I also think this could be a potential for more development between her and Spike.  I mean she's gonna need someone to keep her head straight when she starts panicking from princess overload.

If she stays in Ponyville, I would think now being royalty, she will have some input in how things go.  However, I do believe that she should leave most of the control to the Mayor.  I mean if she didn't this would be the Mayor's worst season.  It would be like "first I get caged by some crazy unicorn with an amulet and now I'm getting overthrown!  Buck this, I'm moving to Fillydelphia!"

The one good thing I will say that this could bring (although the whole "we are now your students" thing was the dumbest thing I've heard in the series) is that this might officially kill the whole "Dear Princess Celestia" letters.  I think the series should evolve from the whole letters and start exploring more storylines that don't revolve around lessons.  It no longer has E/I, so we shouldn't have to see it anymore.

That's all I got for now.  Leave your opinions or what you would like to see from Twilight and I hope it won't be for her to get all the attention.  I'm still iffy on the Alicorn thing, but it is what it is.  Tell me what ya'll want to see and what you think of the new change.  Peace.