Season 4 is coming, and I'm sure you're mostly excited about it. But we're not going to talk about what I think about season 4 (I think you know my feelings by now). We're going to talk about something I'm sure you guys don't want to hear.

What about when the series ends? What then? How will it end? I personally would like to see the series end around season 5 or 6, because the ride so far has been good an fulfilling already. Too many seasons can tarnish a series, and ending on a good note is better than a bad one. With that said, if the series was to end, this is how I would like it to end.

-CMC getting their cutie marks, but because of the experience they went through, make multiple branches to help others out who are looking to get their cutie marks.

-Spike finds his origin, and after a tough decision, decides to go home with them. Also, to drive the emotion further, do this a good 5-7 episodes before the finale.

-RD becomes a Wonderbolt. Okay, this is something I feel needs to happen. She has no excuse at this point to not become what she has deserved, especially if Twilight can earn "her pirincesshood" in 3 seasons.

-A war. Not a bloodbath war, but maybe like a racial war that is disbalancing harmony. I mean, the comics had something similar to a war on the moon people, and while that was more targeted towards fans, it still did it tastefully and in a way that Hasbro had no problem with. I don't see a problem with having a small war, and Twilight and friends (minus Spike seeing how he would be gone if they went with my second point) trying to stop it before it went on a lethal scale (or something more kid friendly)

That would cement this series in a legendary end, especially for a girls show.

SO here's my question: If it were to end, what season would you want it to end. And additionally, how would you want the final few episodes to go?