Tada!  Another blog series.  This one I feel is going to be the one most people will disagree on me with because I will be talking about and even sometimes defending things bronies would wig out over.  Today's subject is, as the title entails, is romance.  This is a touchy subject in all fandoms, as romance is rarely done right, and when it is done right it's a huge shock to many.  So let's get started with the first segment.

Cheerilee and Big McIntosh sharing a cherry S2E17

Oh God the horror!!

Why Don't Bronies Want It?

Well, if we go back to when Faust was around, then the first answer is really simple: she didn't want that in the series.  Go down to No Hugging and No Kissing part of this link.  This would drive people even more nuts then the whole Alicorn thing if it happened.  Not only would they have added another slap in the face to the Faust canon, but to many, it simply doesn't belong and would screw with the formula set in place.

One argument is that it would end up being a cheesy and generic.  Most love stories in a kids show especially targeted towards girls would end up as overall stupid and highly unoriginal.  Not only that, many believe that special "somepony" for the character would be a Gary Stu, a male version of a Mary Sue.  Additionally, it is automatically assumed that romance = focus on that relationship.  If Twilight, for example, were to get a boyfriend, many would assume alot of the issues would revolve around them and their relationship issues.

Twilight hugging Flash EG

Oh for the love of...

Let's look at EG for example.  It's not proven that this new guy is a love interest or not, but now that many people are assuming he is, they are getting irate over it.  "Twilight doesn't need romance!"  "This is a worse love story that Twilight!" and stuff like that.  And if it's true, they're not really too far off from the truth.  But you didn't come here for just their opinions (if you did you wasted your time), you came for my input.  So, what do I possibly think of this?

What Do I Think?'s what I have to say about romance in the series.  I wouldn't care.  Yep, you heard me right, I wouldn't care!

But DT, romance is a generic concept for a show like this!  Who says?  As Nostalgia Critic put it, "If you try hard enough, you can make any concept work" and I believe that applies to romance in a kids show.  As long as the concept doesn't involve drastic changes into a character or in their personality, it isn't something that can kill the show.  Yes, Lauren said she didn't want romance incorporated in the show, but in all honesty, since season 2 finale, they haven't kept much of her ideology have they?  Remember how no antagonist would go good?  Remember how none of the characters would ascend to royalty in a cheesy/Disney princess way?  Yeah, you'd freak out over romance but Alitwi and Discord being good is OK?  Yeah, logic at it's finest RollEyesFluttershyEmote.png.

You're just saying that cause you want to see Sparity get together you hypocrit!!  Nope...not it at all.  Though that would be cute and all, I believe that a main character relationship wouldn't be as damaging to the series as many say it would be.  Now this isn't to say that I want it to be throughout the series and be the main topic, but just having it there wouldn't kill the show or make it less watchable.  It's all about the handleing of the show; there are many examples of relationships working in a kids show.  The three most notable to me are Adventure Time, Regular Show, and Avatar the Last Airbender.  Both AT and RS have those romance moments, but they don't get in the way of the friendship of the main characters and serve as a subplot without getting in the way of what the main focus truely is.  Similar with Avatar.  Katara and Aang's relationship are built up and are fluidly intertwined within the series.  It never feels cheesy and if it does, it's humorously cheesy.

FANMADE Appledash

Seriously, if you don't want it why freakin ship it!

Also, one more kick in the teeth for some, if you hate it so much, why are you shipping so much in the fandom?  There's Twidash, Sparity, Pinkieshy, and the works.  Most popular being the Appledash and Sparity.  If you hate a concept so much, you wouldn't want to see it in the fandom.  And yet if you saw it in the show you'd flip out saying you didn't want it.  

How Can It Work?

Well for romance to work like I said, you'll have to make sure you try really hard not to mess up the characters personalities while doing it.  One good example of making a relationship development feel natural was Secret of My Excess.  And if you don't consider that an actual ship that provides true relationship, then look at Shining Armor and Cadance.  They have a relationship with each other that doesn't impede of the show or the other personality of others.

Another thing is to simply not make the character a Gary Stu.  For example, if Twilight was to get a romantic partner, he doesn't need to be as smart or smarter, near perfect and handsome as Fabio or anything.  There should be some qualities in him that makes him likable or relatable.  Make him a little awkward around girls or something, make him clumbsy, or give him a sense of intrigue in Twilight's studies and have him warm up to her.  He doesn't need to catch the eye of the character instantly; there needs to be a gradual approach.

I also think that there are some characters that don't need romance.  The three would be Applejack, RD, and Pinkie Pie.  These three don't seem really capable of making a convincing love story without it being cheesy or OOC, especially Pinkie Pie.  Fluttershy would be hard to pull off as well since her nature leans towards the generic romantic story route.  Also, the simplest way to avoid any butthurt is to have all possible romance (Sparity, Cheerimac, etc) happen at the end and ambigous instead of focusing on it throughout the series.


So what would romance do to the series?  Well other than maybe add a new character for someone to crush over, not a damn thing...if done right.  Yes, they could take the generic route and make the show go downhill, but again, romance isn't always a killer to a show.  I would think that people who watched a show originally intended for girls would have some tolerance of small concepts like this that would in no way shape or form kill the show's original concept (or at least anymore than it already has).  And yes, if the time came, I would be skeptical of it as well since many concepts in the past have been hit or miss, but crying/quiting/going all rage over romance might be a little much.  I know most probably would disagree but I want your opinion anyways.

Romance: Can it Work?

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Think about what I said and let it sink in before you hit either yes or no.  As much as I love Lauren and her original intentions, I have to admit out of all the concepts that they could break, this would be the least damaging of series original ideals.  This is not advocating it; it's more or less saying the concept wouldn't kill the series if it happened. I could care less if it happened or not but if it did, there is no way it would ruin the show.  

So with that said, if we ever get down that road where we get that lovey dovey storyline, don't write it off just yet.  Since you guys can give chance after chance, doesn't this concept deserve the same treatment.  Shining and Cadance seem to think so FluttershyWinkEmote.png

Cadance and Shining Armor post wedding kiss S2E26

See, it's not so bad.