It was wanted by the ones who read them..and since I got a good amount of people cared about's time to return to your alien killing, bad mouthing, science experiment pleasing, selves.  XCOM Equestria has returned, and you're all getting a hefty dose of it.

We'll try it in blog form this time and see how it goes, but for those who don't know what this is...I'll give you the stick.  XCOM is a group of people who go around killing ET's in order to save the planet.  I have gathered the finest (and closest of friends) to my army and will use them accordingly.  If you're interested in joining my random adventures, you can comment on it.  Here are some of the people in the army now:

Nihi the Brony (The Run & Gun/Asian Persuasion)- Likes: Gurren Lagann, Ninja's, messing with Filly Please.  Dislikes: XCOM food, Slendymen, swimming.

Filly Please (The Medic/Gak)-Likes: stealing shots, helping others, gak gak gak gak.  Dislikes: Aliens, getting shot in the face, the OR

EHAN (The Heavy/Mr. Fluffy)-Likes: Rockets, blowing up stuff, his team.  Dislikes: Puny guns, not getting upgraded weapons, Filly's jokes

Flamestar (The Assasin/Pheonix)-Likes: Powerstar, being behind the scene, being alive.  Dislikes: Shooting aliens point blank, getting yelled at, dying.

Powerstar(The Other Star/Rookie)-Likes: Being helpful, Flame & EHAN, swimming (pool still not installed).  Dislikes: People stealing her shots, alien belching, being a bad sniper

Pinkie12345(The Support/Pink Bomb)-Likes: Shivey <3, flying ships, everything else.  Dislikes: Nothing

Roadside Picnic (The Tactician/Reserve)-Likes: Thinking, sleeping, shooting range.  Dislikes: People sucking at aiming, EHAN showing off, the Boss (he keeps that to himself though).

Welcome back soilders, and may the aliens not blow off your faces X3.