Hello ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome to your official XCOM report brought to you today by the hard work of our scientist.  The first few days were really just spent on wondering where we could get our money from...when some guys halfway across the globe ask us to ship them 5 plasma rifles for 1k credits.  I assume these were the elements of harmony, and it would make sense; I did warn them that love and friendship wouldn't work on these aliens, but I guess the only way to get through to them is for them to fail.

So we pawn broken bits, get Nihi and Filly to sell the radiated dead alien bodies...

Filly: Celestia Dammit Fire_fire_by_erockertorres-d4i7hfm.png

...and make enough to buy 4 more rifles (we had an extra in the bunkers).  With all these credits, we had enough money to upgrade our technology and make more satellites to cover the globe.  We bouth Firestorm planes, upgrades, and probably some of the most OP armor for Pinkie and Roadside Picnic yet discovered...

But the aliens took advantage of our slow production time and promptly sent an UFO when we had our pants down, so it got away.  But you can't win them all (that and I'm starting to suck at keeping up with UFO's :<)  When we head to the bunkers, I notice something new...something strange.

A Psionic Lab...used to experiment on soilders to figure out if they have the potential.  What is this potential...well we can't tell you that now, but what I will warn is that for the next 10 days, three lucky people will be experimented you won't be in battle for probably 2 reports).  These three we're testing for the potential are....Nihi, Filly Please, and Flamestar.  Yes, my 3 best fighters!  So pack your bags, you won't be seeing your friends for 10 whole days.  IDK what they'll do to you in there, but best wishes :3...oh stop crying Power, you'll see Flame again.

Unless of course she dies in our abduction mission, where we choose Nigeria in order to save a recruit.  Dragonfufu will join us if we can protect the city, so we offer the help.  So with our best out of the way, it's up to the 2nd best: Roadside Picnic, PinkiePie12345, EHAN, Powerstar, Shivey (Pinkie's pet Shiv robot) and an anonomous soilder we brought in for canon fauder.  That's right, we are so low on actual good recruits that we had to bring in a robot and rookie just to have a full team.  So we head off to Operation's Devils Mist (forboding huh)

This mission took place in a graveyard, no doubt trying to scare the bejebus out of the crew.  But we press on, and fight.  Not too much to highlight in this mission except that Shivey did some good damage, and for the first time in months...Power got scared by an alien belching at her.

Power: OH God...the Dr. Pepper...THE DR. PEPPER!! Fluttergasp.png

But fortunately, she shoots the alien on the other side of the graveyard and kills it...but because she killed the behemoths life partner, he got enraged and tried to ram Pinkie.  Power also did what she did best...hit close wait she sucked at that, missing an 86 percent shot, badly..

RP:'re supposed to shoot in front of you not over his head.

Power: It's what Flame would have done!! ;_;

The rookie did what he could, but with weak guns, he didn't really help much.  And after burying the two life partners together, we cleaned up the graves (which EHAN blew to pieces with his rocket of course RollEyesFluttershyEmote.png) and took Dragonfufu with us.  The rookie upgraded to an assualt, which is useful since Nihi was our assualt and we could use a replacement until he gets back...but Dragon was a Captain in the same field so we said screw the rookie XD.

So now we can relax until our guys are out of the Psionic Labs right?  Right?

A freaking Terrorist attack!!  Are you kidding me! Daring_do_by_jrrhack-d4ontsz.png.  Well since we are down two reliable snipers now (Power took a day off to grovel at missing Flame...and to be fair she suffered an arm wound) we had to bring MusicalCupcake back in.  And I wasn't so sure how well Dragonfufu was, but I knew we couldn't have him go out in the gear he had.

Pinkie: OK this is Nihi's closet!

Dragonfufu: So...are you sure he doesn't mind me touching his stuff?

Pinkie: Nope! 

Dragonfufu: ..........

Pinkie: Well what are you waiting for, suit up already Pinkie_pie_vector_i_m_about_to_be_brilliant_by_vetali-d4k0nyk.png

So yeah, Dragon had to borrow Nihi's stuff, but we should be fine...speaking of which, wonder how the 3 are doing.

Nihi: I'm that a probe?

Flame: Looks like it 0.o

Nihi: I'm starting to believe our Commander loves abusing us Rainbow_Dash_crying_emote.png.

Anyways, a terrorist mission means civilians are in danger of getting killed in battle, and with Pinkie's last experience, we make sure she doesn't throw a grenade a passenger again.  This mission showed of the skills of Musical over the past few months, which embarrasengly enough, she could hit better than Power at different ranges....even though she still sucked at a reasonable range.

EHAN, RP, and Pinkie almost got blown up...twice, Shivey took on aliens in the air with it's default machine gun, and the sniper stayed in the back to secure easy shots.

And as for Dragon, he used the alloy shotty to good use.  We used up quite the med kits on this mission since we were bombed like 3 times, and a droid did kill two civilians in our faces, but ultimately we turned out fine.  I mean, Dragonfufu is now in sick bay for a while, but at least we don't have anything to worry about for the next few...

Oh for the love of...they're planting bombs now!!  Great, well it seems like the aliens have taken advantage of Nihi, Filly, and Flame being out of comission for a while.  Will the research be worth it?  Will any have the potential?  Will the aliens stop bombing us?  Why am I asking you all these questions?

Find out on the next report....

...Dragon got promoted btw.