I don't really understand why you guys still read your pains and suffering through aliens, but since you do I might as well report.

Nihi, Filly, and Flame are still in Psi-testing, so looks like the others have to go on another mission by themselves.  And don't worry, you got the mission with the least amount of pressure....A bomb mission! Pinkie_pie_vector_i_m_about_to_be_brilliant_by_vetali-d4k0nyk.png  Wha...that's stressful to you?  Well too damn bad you guys are going!  And with that, Operation Forgotten Crone takes place in a graveyard, the graveyard where we will most likely bury all the dead aliens.

And there will be plenty of bodies at the funeral too, because Thin Men are all over the place.  Normally they would be hazardous to our teams health, but half of them had anit-poison suits, so it worked out for the best.  The star this time was Pinkie12345, for being the only one stupid enough to actually run around the field by herself to defuse the bombs.

Pinkie: Run run run...running to the bombs!  Dodging plasma shots!  Eating cookie crumbs! Pinkie_pie_rainbow.png

Power actually shot things in front of her this time, so things this mission went well.  Sure we had a few people get shot in the arm, but Thin Men are no longer an issue this late in the campaign.  So with another successful mission, we head home with a few corpses that EHAN managed not to blow up with his sauding ROCKET LAUNCHER!!

EHAN: Look, I rarely get to use this thing; let me have my fun! Daring_do_by_jrrhack-d4ontsz.png

So once we get back, all we have to do is wait 6 more days for the others to get done with their testing....the results are in (note, none of you look like this guy)

And with that we have a few with this gift....both Nihi and Filly have the abilities to use their minds as powerful weapons.  Nihi was definately happy about this!  Now he could show the aliens how it felt to be mindraped all the time.  Unfortunately Flame failed the exam and had no psionic abilities, but at least Power has a sniper buddy again right?  (I know Flame, even in mental abilities, you seem to miss everything XD)

With our new increased income of 1000+ credits, we can now buy anything in the shops, so I invest in getting everyone (except Nihi who has an alloy canon) plasma weapons, including giving EHAN a plasma machine gun.  They proved powerful against cardboard boxes, so why not aliens.

Well with our new toys to play with, it was about time we shot down a UFO and invade in Operation Devil's Vengeance (seriously, get whoever names these missions a girlfriend or something).  RP and Shivey sit this one out, and we bring back Nihi, Filly, and Flame to the frontline, and unfortunately for Filly, and old teasing joke comes back up.

Nihi: So, you have a suit that can fly...

Filly: Yeah?

Nihi: And the ability to use Psionic powers...that makes you...

Filly: Don't you freaking say it FlutterRawrEmote.png

Nihi: Alicorn Filly!!  Alicorn Filly!! Rainbow_dash_laughs_by_orbitalvelocity-d4ax6zy.png

Filly: Facebook.png

The teasing was relentless, but it had to stop when we hit the ground.  We weren't dealing with baby sectoids anymore; we were dealing with behemoth aliens and Ethreals, who somehow know how to shoot back bullets cause it bounced right back at everyone.  Even the snipers didn't seem to help much this round.

Pinkie was also mind controled btw...

Pinkie12345: I am soilder PinkiePie!  Today you are gonna DIE Pinkamena_emote.png

Once again, Nihi went ghosting (yeah he took it back from Dragonfufu) and helped free Pinkie, and to mess with the aliens more, Filly and Nihi tagged teamed them and killed them with their minds.

Though who knows what sick, demented mental assualt they could have done to make the monsters brains burst..the cruel...unspeakable...horror...

But whatever it is, let's hope we never get on their bad sides from now on XD.  

We go home and Filly learns more powers.  What a fast progressing alicorn.

Filly: HEY!!

But now we have time to rest and relax our feet.  Firstly, Power and Flame have their reunion...

Power: I took photos of what a good job I did!

Flame: Umm...this picture shows you lying on the ground drunk and crying hugging an Equestria Girls do...

Power: That's not me! It's my evil twin Applelie_by_davrockist-d4gnovs.png

and the rest just hung out.  See ya all on the next report.  Good work