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  • Dragonfufu

    It's my birthday!

    October 12, 2014 by Dragonfufu

    it's 12th October 2014 in my region so that means today it's my birthday! 2 days after "4th year of MLP Anniversary"

    I know I'm being silent or not so active these days, but I'm really miss with you guys, especially the old members in this wiki that also not so active or gone like me too. I've been through so much bad days and some of my precious thing (MP3 & MP4 Player)  were stolen. I know that's an unfaithful year but I'm fine and I can handle this by myself.

    Back again, I just hope we can meet each other and share our fun together even you're live in another dimension or galaxy :p Thank you so much to give me place for having fun with you all and I hope we can make it just like our glory and joyable old days :)

    Happy birthday to me!

    PS : I…

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  • Dragonfufu

    It's been a long time....

    September 7, 2014 by Dragonfufu

    Maybe around 4-5 months I've never visiting any wikis, including this wiki. And I'm really afraid I can't go back and see you guys in future since my real life nearly took all of my time.

    Time goes so fast, some people might be changed, even I can't trust myself because I feel I'm no longer myself (or the past of myself)

    Only several months, My world change too much, I'm almost lost eveything I have including my friends. So I start all over and over again, maybe all around me are not so friendly but I have no choice, so I must move on in a hard way.

    And then, I'm back with you guys but not as long as usual :) I have a little bit time to hang around and answer your question.  Just leave a comment and I'll answer it.

    for Applejack88, Dragon Theo…

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  • Dragonfufu

    Farewell, MLP Wikia

    April 1, 2014 by Dragonfufu

    I have no time to contribute anything on wikia anymore. I can't share any opinions and laughter with you guys, I'm so sorry and I think I should stop or maybe leave this wikia as well. Maybe it's too hard for me or could be you guys but it must. I should focus on my job also preparing myself for a better future so....

    Farewell, guys, thanks for sharing and joy to me :)

    also I have a greatest picture that presenting our friendship -> click here

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  • Dragonfufu

    New Year, New problem

    February 11, 2014 by Dragonfufu

    It's been a long day I'm not making new blogpost or contribute anything.

    yeah after working hard for 5 months, finally, I have a free time to enjoy my activities.

    So much problem I got in this year, even though this year is still very new for me.

    That was a rough months for me and makes me stare blankly to the wall. uhhh....

    Okay, so how about MLP Season 4 so far? do you think more of them are good or not? Also I'm glad Applejack got more screentime in this season :3

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  • Dragonfufu

    Ask everything and I will answer it!

    No.... I'm not copying, I make this because it's my birthday (in my timezone)

    So... Feel free to asking me and you will get a free cookies! :p

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