'(Warning : this blog post contains little spoiler, silly + sarcastic commentaries, and can set the fire to the fandom. this user is not joking, you have been warned. so......... brace yourself')

(NB: This blog post can change with more specific analysis after watch again with a better quality)

Well, hey! It's Dragonfufu here, I just watching Equestria Girls movie (in low quality actually, thanks for the pirates who upload that video)

so errrr..... yeah, I give my review, reaction, and my experience after watch that movie. I try so hard to keep neutral and open minded with that movie, so it doesn't mean I say this movie is bad or good.

Let's start to my review & experience first.

Review and Experience

Honestly, I doing so many facepalms (even facedesk) but I'm also laughing and sometimes enjoy with this movie.

When I start to watch from beginning, it looks fine until I stop at 15 minutes. I was said "seriously? doing the same thing again?"

then I continue to watch it and I see it has "punchline" or sense of humour, good animation, and well music. but...... some character is not well made, storyline is too focus to main characters and no specific explanations like "why CMC here?" and etc.

let's going to the battle part, where everyone said it's always interesting part of all movies.

Sunset Shimmer get the crown and turned into a demon but only last for 4 minutes. Well, That's escalated quickly. Even though I love Sunset Shimmer, I must really say she is the 2nd worst villain in MLP universe

(don't worry King Sombra, you're still the 1st worst villain). 

Why? She has so many plans, she's smart and looks badass but..... why? just why she is easily change so fast and cry like a baby? (Dear writers, you're doing the same mistake but congratulations, you're not make "King Sombra wanna be" villain)

Then at the end, I found the amazing ending I ever see. really! It's the best ending I ever see.

Because I smell there will be a romance between Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle in Season 4! BRACE YOURSELF, GUYS!

That's my review and my experience, then let's go to my reactions and score.

My reactions counts

Positive :

  • laughing                          : 3 times
  • clap hands                      : 2 times
  • enjoy the musics             : 3 times
  • smile                              : 1 time
  • little shout                       : 2 times

Negative :

  • facepalm                        : 5 times
  • laughing and say "why?"  : 3 times
  • put off sunglasses           : 2 times
  • FACEDESK                    : 2 times


  • Animations        : 8/10
  • Storyline           : 3/10
  • Characters        : 5/10
  • Musics               : 8/10
  • Humours           : 7/10

Final Score             : 6.2/10

Positive     :

  • Animation is well made
  • Good sense of humours or well punchlines
  • The music are enjoyable

Negative     :

  • Story is not well made, not much explanation
  • Some characters are not well developed

That's all folks! I just share my opinion about Equestria Girls :

and happy sunday! :3

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