Howdy everypony, I'm back with the new blog post.

Today I make something different here but looks like somepony made it first before me. but that's okay, I make this because I really want it. not only my opinion, you can join it with your opinion.

so this is called "Find the weird" and it doesn't mean find something weird like glitches or wrong animation. I talking about the storyline of MLP that makes their characteristics not so much strong or shame or useless. let me start with my opinion.

Pinkie Pie.

First, I'm talking about Pinkie Pie, we know that she is random, but give to much randomness makes her like a fool.

Example : see the first episode of MLP (Friendship is magic), the scene where the 6 mane going to Everfree Forest and afraid after saw the monstrous-looking trees. They all scream in fear except Pinkie Pie, she laughs to the trees, sing a song, and teaches her friends to conquer their fears.

Okay then go forward to Season 2 Episode 8 (The Mysterious Mare Do Well), after Rainbow Dash said "That's why I hired Spike as my ghost writer" , Pinkie Pie scared and said Spike's a ghost! then she run so fast.

(Wait?! She never fear and always smile right? but why she is.........AHHHH Never mind?! she's too random! or the writer of that story it's too random)

Princess Celestia.

I don't hate her by the way, but only one thing that Princess Celestia looks useless and shame it's "A Canterlot Wedding". Why? because too many I can't explain, but I give some about it.

  • Seriously, Celestia? You overwatch Canterlot from morning to evening, also it's high security, but why you can't find Queen Chrysalis in disguise?! Come on! What are you looking at?
  • You can use your magic and you're so strong, but why you looks useless and weak at that episode? Seriously! You had one job, Celestia... One...! Job...! (and for the writers, you too!)

Rainbow Dash.

She's my favorite character but you know the most annoying episode is (and again The Mysterious Mare Do Well). You know how your feeling if you got something like that by your friends? Mad! yes! mad! why they don't talk directly to her than act like mysterious hero to give some lesson/punishment to her? Luckily, RD has loyalty to her friends, so she doesn't mad to them, but still........ (okay, Fufu, stop whining!)

and this Picture explain what I think right now.

King Sombra.

The most badass character and ruined only with his 5 sentence and doing nothing more powerful. damn.......

That's it, and it will be updated sometimes during my research about it. sorry for my bad grammar or something else, but hey! I'm more appreciated if you give your opinion.