it's 12th October 2014 in my region so that means today it's my birthday! 2 days after "4th year of MLP Anniversary"

I know I'm being silent or not so active these days, but I'm really miss with you guys, especially the old members in this wiki that also not so active or gone like me too. I've been through so much bad days and some of my precious thing (MP3 & MP4 Player)  were stolen. I know that's an unfaithful year but I'm fine and I can handle this by myself.

Back again, I just hope we can meet each other and share our fun together even you're live in another dimension or galaxy :p Thank you so much to give me place for having fun with you all and I hope we can make it just like our glory and joyable old days :)

Happy birthday to me!

PS : I'm 20 years old now

-Dragonfufu (or you can call me Fufu)