Day 1 : Happiness

I open my eyes and I realized I’m on my bed.

“That was a silly dream, huh? Well, I go back to sleep.”

While I cover all of my body with blanket and start to sleep, something jumps on my body.

“What the….?” I get off my blanket and open my eyes and there’s pink pony jumping on my body.

“Hai Hai! My name’s Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia said you need some help from me, so I come to this place and help you get your life better!” She said to me.

You know what I was thinking after I see the talking pink pony in front of me? I want to scream but I can’t do it. Yeah…. I was thinking that’s a nightmare or I have psychiatric problems that can make my own illusion.

“Hello…. What’s wrong with you? You never see talking pony here?” Pinkie Pie said.

I was speechless for a while then I try to think that’s not illusion.

“Ummm, I’m okay, so you’re Pinkie Pie, right? Can you get off from my bed, please?”

“Ohh! Then you want to play with me?” Pinkie Pie said.

“No! I want to enjoy my beautiful sleep and I hope you’re not there, good bye.” I cover all my body with my blanket again and continue my sleep. But she looks like not amused then she talks to me.

“So you don’t want any help from me? And you forgot what you signed for at the Princess Celestia’s contract? Fine! I’m going out now.” I still close my eyes and heard her steps leaving me and going out the bedroom.

“Great, she’s leaving, now I can sleep peacefully”

After 3 hours sleeping, I wake up and going out my bedroom. There’s no sign of her around my house.

“(sigh) Good, everything better than I expected, it’s time to go to the bathroom.” When I go inside the bathroom, I see the baby alligator on the sink. That’s makes me shocked.

“GAHHH!! That’s…. baby alligator?” Suddenly that pink pony comes inside my bathroom.

“Have you seen my gummy? Ohh there you are! Sorry to make you afraid of him.” She said to me. I feel mad of her and talk to her.

“That’s your pet? Why you take him here? And why you not leave me and going back to your home?”

“Well duh, I can’t go home yet until my time is end. This 10 AM right now so you have 14 hours left to learn valuable lesson from me and I must help you until you get it, that’s one of rules that signed on the contract.” She said.

“Which one?”

“Number #5, you not read all the rules of the contract?”


“(Sigh) Well, first thing first, what’s your problem that needs to be fixed?”

“I know my first problem that needs to fix.”

“Really? And what is it?”

“Get out of my bathroom now!”

“Okay….. What a rude…” She leaving my bathroom then I take a bath for a while.

(After take a bath)

While I’m sitting on the sofa and watching a TV, she stands in front of me.

“Okay, now I know your problem right now!”

“Yes, and what is it?”

“You easily mad and never smile or laugh, that’s it!”

“Good job, Pinkie! You know my first problem.” I give applause to her and said with sarcasm.

“Yes! I’m right!” She said with happy smile.

“And what will you do to make me smile?”

“Umm… I try to think about it… maybe singing?”





“Just only you and me, how can it be called party?

“Then what else that makes you happy?”

“Get out from my sight. I want to watching TV right now.” She looks not amused then she sits beside me on the sofa and she talks again to me.

“How long you never laugh or smile?”

“Very long time ago because my life is meaningless.”

“Then you only watching a TV and not doing anything?”

“Yeah, what else I can do?” She gets off the sofa and going somewhere else around my house then she gets back to my place and holds my diary book with her mouth.

“Do you know this?”

“Where did you get that?”

“While you’re sleeping, I’m looking around your house and I found this, I think it’s very important for you and I was right!”

“Give it back to me”

“No! You must catch me first then you will get your diary.”

“Ohh, so you want to play with me?” I stand up and walk to her.

“Okay…. Give it back or you will be regret!”

“No, no, you must catch me first” She said and she running fast to upstairs.

“What the??” I chasing her around the house, she’s so fast and I can’t catch her. Then I make some plan to trap her and I did. I make her going to the kitchen and surrounded her.

“Uhh ohh.”

“Now you trapped here, you can’t go anywhere. Give that diary!”

“Catch me first and you will get it.” She runs under between my legs, I turn around then falling and catch her legs.

She dropped my diary from her mouth and it’s sliding off about 50 cm. And it’s not the worst because the impact of falling, the flour sack dropped from the upper cupboards then we all covered by flour. I wipe my face and look at her then suddenly I laugh.

“Pffttt hihihihi”

“Uhh, what’s wrong?”

“Look at you! With the flour around your body, you can make a cake!”

“Ooh…. It’s that so…?” She smiles to me. She takes some flour with her hoof then she throws it to my face.

“Hahahaha! Your face now looks like a clown!”

“Okay, so this is war, huh?” Then we playing with flour all around the kitchen, we happy to play together, it’s a long time I never feel this feeling. I feel like… I still have a hope to life. And after we’re playing, we clean ourselves and going back to the living room. We together sit on the sofa.

“Here’s your diary.” She gives it back my diary to me.


“It’s my first time I see you laughing, that’s a good start, hmm you should read your diary.”

“Did you read that?”

“All of it.”

“Cih, Stalker…”

“But it’s not bad. I think it’s very good to make yourself better.”

“Okay… if you insist.”

I read my own diary and it’s my childhood diary. I don’t know where she gets it from, but I still reading all of it then I shocked. Every single day, every problem I was had in my childhood always ended with smile and enjoy the life.

God…. Why I’m so stupid? Why I forgot that thing? It’s so simple to do but why I can’t do that? After I read my diary, I close it and smile.



“Thank you. You make me learn my valuable lesson today.”

“Yippie! You know what it is? We must party!!!”


[Pinkie Pie's stomach growls]

“Oops, I’m hungry right now. How about we make a cake together?”

“You can make a cake?”

“Yes, I can. I used to make some cake at sugarcube corner.”

“Well, that’s sounds great, let’s go!” We make and eat a cake, play some games until night and I write a letter for Princess Celestia. This is my letter for her.


Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learn a valuable lesson. It’s doesn’t matter how hard our life or how big our problems or something that makes us down and can’t stand up for a while but the thing we must not forget it is smile even though we have a bad day, smile is so simple to do, every day and every time. Smile is a cure to relief something inside our heart. We must laugh too for better result and share our laugh with another so we can forget our pain then move on.

Thanks for bring her to my life, what’s her name by the way…? Oh yeah Pinkie Pie, she successfully makes me smile and she’s now my new friend. So sad that she stays only one day but that’s okay, at least I have good memories with her.

I look forward for another pony in next day and I’m ready for the next “challenge”





“Well, so you take a letter to Princess Celestia?”

“Yup! And 2 minutes left I can go home right now, there’s anything what you want to do?”

“Wait a second…. Do you mind I take a picture of us? So I can remember you all the time.”

“Sure! don't forget with my gummy.” I take a camera and take a picture of me with Pinkie Pie and her pet.

“Ohh! 50 seconds left! It’s time to go now!”

“Thanks again, Pinkie. You help me so much.”

“That’s friend always do to help another friend, silly.” She said and we laugh together.

“Now close your eyes.” She said to me.

“What? Again?”

“That’s procedure.”

“Okay……” I close my eyes and I see the same lights again. Then I wake up on the bed.

“Huh? I’m on the bed again? But how..?”

“Looks like she’s not here anymore, I will miss her so much.”

“I’m curious who will come today. Ahh, I better check out around my house.”


That’s my first day with her and I pass then I start the 2nd day with another pony.

(To Be Continued)

what's the next pony in man's life on 2nd day? And what kind of lesson he will learn? Chapter 2 coming soon!