okay, it's my "beta" opinion, so it's not final.

First, you watch the official trailer of Equestria Girls : Click here.

then it's my opinion :

  • I really dissapointed about Spike. just because Spike it's her "Assistant" doesn't mean make him to be Twilight's pet. I think it's more sense to make him as a kid (or high schooler) than to be a dog.
  • Humans as Other Character have their "normal color skin" but it's ridiculous after I saw Twilight and the other who reminds her about them in Equestria have their "original color skin". So it's just like "hey! look at that girl over there!" | "where?" | "that one with purple color" | "Okay, we need to stop drinking alcohol."

It doesn't weird if you meet some people like that? 

  • We know that Twilight's friend in Equestria Girls it's not really them because it's parallel world/another world, but I think it doesn't work to make they same like the "original". It's more better to make the another character who always help her like that guy in the trailer.

so it's my "beta" opinion. what's your opinion about it?