All his life, Theo the garden snail has lived a slow lane life with dreams of speed at the Indy 500. Suddenly, a freak mishap gives him the ability to move at superspeed, which puts Theo and his brother at a failing strip mall. They are discovered by Tito, a goofy fast food worker, and his crew of racing snails, and a wild idea is born for Theo to race with his heroes in Indianapolis. Now, this gang of misfits are traveling to that city to dare pursue the impossible dream, which will require all of Theo's speed as Turbo to have any shot at achieving. (Synopsis)


Vroom! Vrooom!

Well! hello there! Dragonfufu is back again. yesterday I got special Invitation by Chevrolet company which it's the official sponsor of Turbo movie. so I can watch the movie for FREE!

Overall this movie is good for all ages audience and gives motivation for everyone who watch it.

It has a good amount of humours, storyline and moral story so worth it to watch with your family. By the way I can't give the big spoiler or something because I have lacks of pictures and forgot some storyline xD (or I'm just too lazy)

ohh yeah, there's one special quote that always mentioned in Turbo movie that makes Theo (Theo the "Turbo" snail not Dragon Theology) motivated to chase his dream.

"No dream is too big and no dreamer too small." (sadly, that's a quote from a racer guy who become a villain in this movie) *Spoiler!*


Hey, my name is Theo, but now my name is Turbo.


Storyline      : 8/10

Animation    : 9/10

Music          : 8/10

Character     : 8/10

Humour        : 8/10

Final Score : 8.2/10

It's worth to watch but not because I watch it for free :p lol!

Thanks for reading this silly post and enjoy your day.