I am completely shy. So this is my first blog post. 

About how I got here: Around Late 2011, There was this song called "Louder!" by my good friend, DJ D-dog (Raikou1992) and listened to it a couple of times. and these suggested videos led me to the show My Little Pony. I was like "Ain't no way that's My little Pony It CAN'T BE!! And I can't believe it. It was like a cupid's arrow to the flank. and then, I became a tiny fan of this cute show. I mean I thought it was wrong to watch this show. Until I heard this convention called "BronyCon". I'm like what's Bronycon? So I started googling and found out that brony means a bro loving ponies. and It's a place where bronies what... hangout? So I decided to watch an episode and started acting like "What a little girls show going to do anyway?" It then started changing my life. After one episode I then somehow realized, that Friendship = POWERFUL, and that it's everywhere. 

Who's my favorite pony you ask? Well, I have mixed feelings about this: but let's just put it this way, I like everypony equally.  Favorite Episode? I'll tell you it's from Season 2.

Well, that's all for my first post. I hope you ponies have a wonderful time getting to know me! 

w/ LOVE,