An idea of what happened after the two Twilights meet for the first time.

(An hour later)

Sci-Twi: So, let me see if I've got all of this right. (Points to Twilight) You're me from an alternate world called Equestria who's a princess who was once a unicorn but now is an alicorn with a castle, and these girls (Points HuMane 6) are versions of your friends back at home who are ponies like you and Principal Celestia is another princess but is not technically a queen and was your teacher, and my brother and Cadance are married and rule an empire that is a crucial part of your world's survival like these Elements of Harmony until you gave back to a tree which contained a box that contained more magic and your castle with a map of your world that call you to solve friendship problems. (Sighs)

Twilight: You're good so far.

Sci-Twi: (Looks at Sunset) And you were a student who went rogue and tried to take over Equestria by stealing a magic gem to change its existing properties thereby making it possible for you to use it besides her. But by activating it, the gem turned you into a demon like the magic in device did to me. Then when the gem returned to Equestria, it left behind some magic which was used to fight magic sirens that tried enslave the world.

Sunset: Pretty much.

Pinkie: Wow. That's A lot to take in when explaining a continuing series.

All: Huh?

Pinkie: Nothing.

Spike: Can get back to the part where I'm a magic, fire-breathing dragon?

Twilight: A baby dragon.

Spike: Oh. But still that's cool.

Fluttershy: Um, Twilight?

Both Twilights: Yes?

Fluttershy: Portal Twilight?

Sci-Twi: Oh.

Fluttershy: I was wondering, what are we like in your world?

Rarity: Fluttershy's s right. I wonder if I'm as creative in your world as I am right.

Rainbow Dash: I'm still Awesome?

Twilight: Alright. I'll tell you. Fluttershy, you take care of animals like you do here only you live in a cottage near a forest.

Fluttershy: What kind of animals?

Twilight: The usual. bunnies, birds, cats, Dogs and a bear which you tackle and give massages to.

Applejack: Woah. Guess you'll twice before you think you think you ain't brave.

Twilight: Applejack's still an apple farmer but with hooves, Rarity has a shop and uses her unicorn magic to make dresses. Rainbow Dash is part of team of aerial performers called Wonderbolts, and Pinke Pie (Pause) Um. You're still you.

Pinkie: Yay!

Rainbow Dash: Oh yeah. I fly and help save a world.

Applejack: We all help. It's just hard to think of myself as pony.

Sci-Twi: I don't suppose we could visit one day?

Twilight: That might not be a good idea.

Sunset: She's right. Sending you all there not to mention two Twilights might cause another problem that just happened here.

Sci-Twi: (Beat) Maybe reading and interviewing can be just as good.

Pinkie: Besides, I already took a peek after the siren battle. It was like a surreal dream that made me dizzy.

Applejack: Well, I don't plan on going through portals anytime soon.

Spike: So Sunset, What were you like before you came to this world?

Sunset: Uh?

Sci-Twi: I'm curious too. What's your story?

(All the girls listen in)

Sunset: Well...