This adaptation is based off the ending of Teen Wolf Season 3A. Sometimes I felt that Discord was like Peter Hale, a creature who lurked in the shadows and waited for the opportune moment to strike. Peter killed the Season 3A antagonist, Jennifer Blake, after she is defeated by the protagonist, Scott McCall. She revealed that she knew Peter wanted to steal Scott's Alpha Werewolf status away from him. After killing Jennifer, Peter claims that he is and always been "The Alpha."

This scene makes one feel that Discord is still pining for Equestria and has been playing everyone, including Tirek, like puppets while waiting for the right moment to strike again. Here's how this confrontation between Discord and Tirek would play in my alternate ending to Twilight's Kingdom.

(As the ponies celebrate LORD TIREK'S defeat, the weakened centaur sit in his newly enforced prison.)

Tirek: I will be free again. And when I am, Twilight Sparkle will regret she ever became an alicorn.

(TIREK suddenly is levitated and thrust forward with his head sticking out of the bars. He looks up at his assailant, DISCORD, smiles menacingly at him.)

Tirek: Of course it’s you. Every pony suffers but somehow you come out on top.

Discord: Did you really think you could fool me that easily? I knew Twilight would beat you somehow. Quite ironic, the key to your fall came from a worthless trinket given to you by a brother.

Tirek: Indeed. And now that the new princess has her own kingdom. Now that you have her trust, you’ll be able to steal it from her and work your way up. (Beat) You’ll rule Equestria again.

Discord: Again? (Beat) Again?

(DISCORD raises his claw. TIREK’S eyes widen with fear, and with one slash, TIREK lies lifeless in his cage.)

Discord: I AM the ruler. I’ve always been the ruler!