It's been awhile since I released tally blogs, but I decided to start it up again for characters who reached fifty or more appearances in the show. Most of the secondary characters have a long way to reach one hundred episodes, so I think it's only fair to mention these feats just as well.


These are the characters who have already achieved the halfway point of obtaining one hundred appearances like the Mane 6 and Spike.

Apple Bloom

Apple Bloom ID S6E4
This spunky little filly has made 69 appearances on the show with Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 being her 50th episode. She started out as filly desperately wanting a cutie mark to feel accepted until she met her fellow Crusaders who helped her learn that a she didn't need a cutie mark to make friends. Her first feat of bravery came from Bridle Gossip where she befriended a zebra believed to be an evil enchantress and showed she was like her fellow ponies in Ponyville. Getting her cutie mark has made her realize that it also means that she's growing up and still has to discover herself on her own sometimes, but that didn't mean she would lose the friends who helped grow or even her Apple family in the process.

Sweetie Belle

Sweetie Belle square dancing outfit ID S6E4
This unicorn has made 54 appearances with On Your Marks being her 50th episode. Rarity's little has a cuteness factor that rivals Fluttershy. She is shown to be clever, smart, and sings like an R&B singer at times. All she wanted was to have Rarity be the kind of sister she wants while not living in her shadow either. Now, she is able to stand out and be her own pony that is easily distinguished and separate from her sister. And with her friends by her side, there is nothing this unicorn cannot accomplish for herself and others. After all, she, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo were and still are the Cutie Mark Crusaders for a reason.


Scootaloo ID S6E4
A pegasus pony with mad skills on a scooter, Scootaloo has made 51 appearances with The Cart Before the Ponies being her 50th episode. Out of all the Cutie Mark Crusaders, she had the most to overcome. She has not been able to move past hovering in her flying skills and felt for the longest time to be like Rainbow Dash. However, Princess Luna showed her that she cannot deny who she really is. Rainbow Dash still took her under here wing regardless of not being able to fly or being as brave as her. She learned that her own skills are what make her unique as opposed to being like other ponies. Will she fly? Who Knows? Scootaloo has more surprises in store. I just know it.

Big McIntosh

Big McIntosh blushing S5E20
The silent but kind older brother of Applejack made 50 appearances with Big Mac playing zombie to scare Rainbow Dash in 28 Pranks Later. He grew in development over the course of six seasons from simply saying "Eeyup" to full sentences and opening up about his feeling. Despite tending his family's farm, he feels unimportant at times because his sister and her friends always saving Equestria. That would explain the dreams his has about being a unicorn and a princess too. Despite these insecurities, Big Mac has shown to be a loyal older brother defends one sister from snippy gossip and putting on dress to help the other participate in a social event. This big and strong Earth Pony will get his moment one day, maybe next episode.

Honorable Mention

Derpy pretending to be a tree star S6E8
Derpy or Muffins has just an amount of love from the fans and crew to earn 67 appearances thus far with Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 being her 50th. Ever since she was first spotted in the first episode, this cross-eyed pegasus became a recognizable easter egg for fans to look out for. She even played a role with the Mane 6 on several occasions like helping fix town with questionable results, participating in the Equestria Games, and helped plan a wedding while the Mane 6 battled a bugbear. Many people wander how long Derpy will be continue to be present, but I can safely say no one can make this clumsy but sweet pony disappear.