Since Friendship Games, I've wondered about what Principal Cinch meant by top twelve students at Crystal Prep. Clearly she meant the smartest and most athletic or a combination of both.

We also know that the top twelve are the people the "Let's go Shadowbolts moment." This list is my rough idea of each person's, other than Sci-Twi's, rank on the school's top twelve list based on their manner in the human and pony world (if originated from there first). Whether some may have cheated or earned their spot is up to speculation.

1. Sci-Twi (Obviously)

2. Sugarcoat

3. Sour Sweet

4. Sunny Flare

5. Royal Pin

6. Upper Crust

7. Indigo Zap

8. Suri Polomare

9. Lemon Zest

10. Trenderhoof

11. Jet Set

12. Neon Lights

Like I said, this is my rough idea, but I want to hear from anyone out there. Who do you think is at what rank on this list? Leave your thoughts in the comments.