Main cast and Sunset Shimmer human silhouettes EG2

This has been a long time in the making so here it is. We are going to see which Equestria Girls Short is the most favorite or just the best. All the shorts are related to the film series continuity so the Equestria Girls Minis will not be included here. Like the Christmas Songs Poll, it will be broken down into four parts. The shorts with the most votes with move on. There will be no Loser's Poll or redemption round unless it is requested. And now, let the voting commence.

Our first poll has our favorite party planner in two different scenarios. One where she needs an outlet for her energy and the other where her idea of spying conflicts with Dash's.

Pinkie on the One - 6
Pinkie Spy - 7

Sunset Shimmer became very popular in these three years from baddie to goodie. We have a short where she sings about her past while the other showcases her Twilight side to find answers to new magic.

The Science of Magic - 1
My Past is Not Today - 12

Both of these are music videos, but the scenarios make them close to stories. Not to mention Amy Keating Rogers penned them.

Shake Your Tail - 10
Perfect Day for Fun - 3

Here we have The Rainbooms performing various music genres and a renowned DJ with her own personal background music.

Music To My Ears - 4
Friendship Through the Ages - 7

Rarity and Photo Finish are both passionate with their interests. Each of these shorts portray how they go to achieve perfection.

Life is a Runway - 12
Photo Finished - 1

Rarity and Rainbow Dash each meet fellow counterparts from the show who contribute to their plotline in some way whether it's Trixie or the Diamond Dogs.

Player Piano - 2
Guitar Centered - 11

Fluttershy and Applejack moments of surprise and here it is no different. The farm girl must retrieve her bass from crooks while the animal lover must undo Rarity's mess in the animal shelter.

Hamstocalypse Now - 5
A Case For the Bass - 8

Another look take on the perspective of background characters, we have two friends who will anything to be in a competition while a rocker, a nerd, and a hippie must find compromise for a banner idea.

All's Fair in Love and Friendship Games - 8
A Banner Day - 4

The poll will close at midnight on December 31, New Years Eve. Feel free to comment your thoughts down below.