Here we are fellow bronies. A new year and a new round in the EG Shorts Poll series. In the last round, we lost a Pinkie Pie playing the drums, cute hamsters, a experiment gone astray, and Flash Sentry's only leading role. But let us move on and compare the shorts that have moved forward.

It's the hyper party girl against the fallen apprentice turned protector. Pinkie Pie spies on the Shadowbolts while Sunset Shimmer compares herself to a newborn phoenix.

Pinkie Spy - 1
My Past is Not Today - 4

Both are music videos with interesting animation and catchy songs. Here, The Rainbooms clash ideas for a dance while another has them serenade Sunset about friendship in different music styles.

Shake Your Tail - 2
Friendship Through the Ages - 3

Rarity and Rainbow Dash are passionate with their interests. The fashionista makes dresses for many while the athlete showcase her musicality for a prized guitar.

Life is a Runway - 1
Guitar Centered - 4

A HuMane seven member against a dynamic duo of the background. Applejack attempts to gets her bass back while Lyra and Sweetie Drops' own friendship is put to the test in tryouts for the Friendship Games.

A Case For the Bass - 3
All's Fair in Love and Friendship Games - 2

The poll will close on Wednesday Jan. 3 at 11:00 PM (EST). The next round will be up shortly afterward. As usual, feel free to comment down below.