Sorry for the delay but here's Round 3. We lost all the Friendship Games Shorts the last Rarity themed story in the previous round, but now it is time to start the semifinals.

Here we have two polls containing four shorts. The two winners of this round will go at it for the winner's poll while the remaining two will compete for third place. I thought this would be simpler and less time consuming than making a Loser's Poll. Without further ado, let's vote.

Sunset Shimmer sings her heart out EG2
Rainbooms on darkened background EG2

Two Encore Shorts featuring Sunset Shimmer. One is her first solo number while the Rainbooms take her on a journey through music about friendship surviving the test of time.

My Past is Not Today - 5
Friendship Through the Ages - 0

Rainbow Dash vs. Trixie EG2
Applejack putting on bass guitar EG2

Two Ashleigh Ball characters in different but similar scenarios. Rainbow Dash wants new guitar while Applejack attempts to reclaim her bass in a pawn shop.

Guitar Centered - 4
A Case for the Bass - 2

This poll will close on January 7th at 11:00pm (EST). Feel free to comment down below.