Well, here we are. The final round in the Equestria Girls Short Poll Series. We have two shorts up for being the winner while the remaining two compete for third place, two Encores and two Rainbow Rocks prequels.

Aside from the official polls, I have another poll for you all to look at. I would like your input on ideas I'm toying with for future polls. I'm thinking of doing a Villain Songs series or Episodes poll series before Season 7 airs. I'm OK doing either of the two, but I don't want to do polls you won't respond to. If you hav another idea, I want to hear it out. I cannot stress enough how what YOU want means for me.

That means whatever you vote for, please explain why in the comments down below. I'll still continue the polls regardless, but I really would appreciate your opinion.

Anyway, let the voting begin.

Sunset Shimmer sings her heart out EG2
Rainbow Dash vs. Trixie EG2

The leader of the HuMane 7 against the leader of the Rainbooms. Both of these shorts present a clever presentation of each character.

My Past is Not Today - 4 (Runner-Up)
Guitar Centered - 5 (Winner)

Applejack putting on bass guitar EG2
Rainbooms on darkened background EG2

Applejack sings a solo number in one short while, in another, she plays her instrument to prove that it belongs to her.

Friendship Through the Ages - 6 (Third Place)
A Case for the Bass - 3

Which poll series do you want me to do next? If you pick "Other," explain in the comment section. A Villain Song Poll - 7
An Episodes Poll - 1
Other - 0

The polls will close on January 10th at 11:00pm (EST). Once more, comment your thoughts down below.