Main cast and Sunset Shimmer human silhouettes EG2

Another poll series at it's end. As always, thank you for your participation and feedback. I'm actually surprised by the results. It's amazing what time can do to one's interests. Sunset's first solo number which has been a number one favorite becomes the runner up against a Rainbow Dash vs Trixie skit. It seems the Dashie fans pulled through or Trixie is growing some more on the fans, or simply both. As for the next series, more will below. For now, let's take look at our top three shorts and some honorable mentions.

The Top Three

Rainbow Dash vs. Trixie EG2

Guitar Centered - Winner

Sunset Shimmer sings her heart out EG2

My Past is Not Today - Runner Up

Rainbooms on darkened background EG2

Friendship Through the Ages - Third Place

Honorable Mentions

To all the shorts that made past the first round.

Opinion Poll

What did you think of this poll series?

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The Next Series

I looked at the polls and searched my feelings, and I decided to try the Episode Poll Series. There will be eight polls for mostly the first half of the series and will gradually get smaller as it progresses. All episodes from the show will be present and two part episodes will be treated as separate Part 1 and 2 episodes. Here's how I intend for it will work:

  • The first nine rounds will be every episode in order or they will be shuffled in some way. (Haven't quite decided which way yet.)
    • Due to an odd number of Episodes in Season 3, an extra poll will added to redeem an eliminated finale of piece of a two-parter.
  • Here's where the seasons begin to mingle if they hadn't already.
  • The final ten episodes in the will be voted and then another redemption round will occur to even out the rest of series for good. Keep in mind, for that round, the episodes in question will be the eliminated five in the final ten.
  • At this point, six episodes will remain will be voted in a Semi-final and final round. The Absolute Final Round will determine the Runner up before the series is complete.

The rounds will stay up for about 3-4 days before they close. The goal is to finish this poll series before Season 7 starts. I will hopefully post it up once I have template set up because this series will be on a larger scale.

On a personal note, I finally have an actual job now, so do not be surprised if the voting time changes as a result of my new schedule. I'm happy to finally bring in some money for me and my family. So please respect my decisions when it comes to posted the polls.

Once more, feel free to comment your thoughts and feedback