Main cast and Sunset Shimmer human silhouettes EG2

Here's is another redemption round for the series. This is the final one to be posted. After this poll, No more second chances will come for the rest of the songs.

Just like last time, only one of these episodes will move on in the finals. We have hard choices to make here with this batch. One Dazzling number, a villain song that overshadows other songs from its movie, an end credits song, an title number, and a song that was a previous winner in several other games. Who shall it be this time?

This poll will close on May 6th at 11:30 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

A Friend for Life - 0

Battle - 6 (WINNER)

My Past is Not Today - 2

The Legend of Everfree - 1

We Will Stand for Everfree - 1

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