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Hello everypony! Guess what, it's back. This time, we will be looking at songs from the Equestria Girls franchise. With the Equestria Girls Specials on they're way, let's look back at these memorable numbers from the franchise that rivals it's parent show. These are songs from the films as well as the shorts, soundtrack numbers, and deleted material from the films. I think this one will prove to be interesting just like my previous incarnations.

For those who are new to this, the poll series will compare random combinations of songs from the franchise and users will vote for which one they like most. These combinations have something similar in their message or interesting facts make them a pair. This continues until there is only one left. The songs in a way are in order of release in the media, so you can expect the most recent songs to appear later in the series.

Our first polls have the first movie's songs as well the first half of the sequel that surprised all expectations.

This poll will close on April 23 at 4:00 PM (EST). After which, the next poll will be up. Let the voting commence.

Introductions are important when getting the audience’s attention. A modified version of the TV Theme song creates familiarity while the other offers originally and an icon of the film.

Remix Theme Song - 4
Rainbow Rocks - 10

Two ending songs with differences in many sorts. The first is a techno-pop sound that made it into a film while another is a deleted, slower in tempo song that found life in a music montage on the internet.

A Friend for Life - 8
My Little Pony Friends - 3

The word of the day is experience. The Rainbooms experience a day at the fair like any other group of friends while a newly crowned princess must navigate a new world as a creature she never heard off.

Perfect Day for Fun - 10
This Strange World - 4

Bringing Canterlot High together was a journey in itself. Twilight and her human friends show them the wonder of their friendship despite their differences. Later, the Rainbooms reminisce that day and how better their school is now.

Cafeteria Song - 11
Better Than Ever - 4

These opposites pit against each other’s messages. One song is about uniting a group while the other is eager to drive a wedge between everyone who listens to the beat.

Time to Come Together - 2
Battle - 13

It’s party time when these songs are played. The girls prepare for a big night ahead of them while another encourages the crowd to have good time wherever they go.

This is Our Big Night - 6
Shake Your Tail - 8

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