The Rainbooms floating together EG2

Here is part two of the poll series. The first round of polls had a good start, but time it's time to move forward where it gets tougher to decide. What we have here is great majority of the Rainbow Rocks media with a touch of Friendship Games. This portion of the franchise had interested Sunset Shimmer's reformation, The Dazzlings being just as threatening as an evil centaur, and as well great songs that most of us still listen to today.

There are rock numbers, improvised raps, questionable jam sessions, and catchy pop tunes.

The polls will close on April 25 at 11:00pm (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

Preparing to face an obstacle takes hard work and determination. Princess Twilight and the Rainbooms attempt random rehearsals a spell that backfires while this intro song can pump up anyone going prepared for a game.

Bad Counter Spell - 0
Friendship Games - 10

Magic can come from rainbows and illusions. The Rainbooms describe how their friendship still stands in the darkest of times, and Trixie describes herself and how she dominates.

Shine Like Rainbows - 11
Tricks Up My Sleeve - 1

These tunes attempt to show off the personality traits of their respective singers. Snips and Snails attempt to show off their “cool” in an adlibbed rap number while Rarity shows her stuff through her passion.

Snips/Snails Rap - 0
Life is a Runway - 10

Friendship vs. Popularity is the theme of this pair. While the seven girls describe friendship in different music genres, the Dazzlings and the Rainbooms are in a real Battle of the Bands that determines the fate of the world.

Friendship Through the Ages - 1
Welcome to the Show - 10

Rainbow Dash had her first solos here before “I’ll Fly”. One is a rock song showcasing her awesomeness while the other has her marching to heavy drum beats to pep up an unenthusiastic crowd.

Awesome As I Want to Be - 3
CHS Rally Song - 8

Mean Girl vs. Redeemed Girl is this theme here. Sunset decides to shed her past self in order to find something better than power, while three sirens enchant people in order to feed off of their negative energy.

My Past is Not Today - 6
Under Our Spell - 5

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