Equestria Girls in their Crystal Guardian forms EG4

The last series of polls had many songs that were ignored, but Poll 3 has musical numbers that nobody can shrug off. The most recent two movies introduced a human Twilight Sparkle and new Elements of Harmony besides two great villain songs, a Jekyll & Hyde inspired song, a soundtrack number, and an alternate version of a song that nearly made it into the official media.

After this round comes the next challenge. It starts from voting for which 9 songs move on to the quarter finals as well as redemption rounds. For those who are unfamiliar, after Poll 4, I will pick 5 of highest voted songs that nearly made it and give them one more chance to advance. But this for this round, the 6 six that don't make it are eliminated. Rather sad really but there it is.

This poll will close on April 27th at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

Hope is a strong word. The word itself is the subject of an ending song in a movie while Sci-Twi hopes that her research will lead her to discover what more is outside of her competitive high school environment.

Hope Shines Eternal - 4
What More is Out There - 5

These two songs are about agendas. Rival schools are determined to outcompete each other in a simple decathlon while a camp counselor goes power crazy in order to save a family heirloom so to speak.

We Will Stand For Everfree - 5

Magic has a mind of its own it seems. Unleashing it without thinking can have drastic consequences for the user, but Sunset shows us that embracing your magic instead of hiding it will help with control and show the beauty within it.

Unleash the Magic - 5
Embrace the Magic - 4

These two songs outside the official media still have a right to be heard. A deleted subplot also changed a familiar song from a duet to a solo while a pop-dance number that only appears in the soundtrack showcases some more of the HuMane 6’s vocals.

What More is Out There (Duet Version) - 6
Dance Magic - 3

Finding the answers can lead to eye opening realizations. Sci-Twi realizes that she can fill her “hole inside” with real friendship from Canterlot High but also finds that she has a hidden dark side that she fears will break free once again.

Right There in Front of Me - 3
The Midnight in Me - 6

Legend has become a staple in the MLP/EG universe. One song legend draws us in to a story behind the title while the other describes how one’s own story is a legend is the making.

The Legend of Everfree - 6
Legend You Were Meant to Be - 3

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