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How did it come this fast? Poll 4, where the remaining 18 songs are contenders for the Quarter Finals. We have 2 songs from the first movie, 8 songs from the Rainbows Rocks media, 5 songs from the Friendship Games media, and 3 song from Legend of Everfree. Only 9 will officially make while the 10th will be from a redemption round. To refresh memories, five songs that didn't make it will be selected to have one last chance to move on.

The songs range from genres of rock, pop, campfire tunes and Broadway styled solos. The context of most of them revolves around friendships being strong, but there are some that give us character exposition or a climatic duel between light and darkness.

This poll will close on April 29th at 11:30 PM (EST). As always feel free to comment.

Friendships can be connected through music or simple poetry. A rainbow themed number opens a show while another number closes a show with a heartfelt message.

Rainbow Rocks - 2
A Friend for Life - 3

When the HuMane 6 get together, something spontaneous is bound to happen. A day at the fair has laughs and surprises, and the girls show unity during a flash mob in the cafeteria for Twilight’s crown campaign.

Perfect Day for Fun - 0
Cafeteria Song - 6

Two songs that introduced the groups who sung them. The Dazzlings’ sinister serenade had feet tapping the floor and the Rainbooms had us shaking our heads in agreement.

Battle - 6
Shake Your Tail - 0

Pumping up is never the same as feeling good. CHS prepare for a faceoff against Crystal Prep while our favorite band releases a song with their newest member at the time.

Friendship Games - 2
Shine Like Rainbows - 4

A solo number versus an all-star group number. We have Rarity’s take on life being a fashion show, and song with The Dazzlings and the Rainbooms with guest vocals from Sunset Shimmer.

Life is a Runway - 0
Welcome to the Show - 6

Overcoming the past is a journey all by itself. Rainbow Dash’s pep rally speech points out how her high school has changed over the span of two movies, and Sunset Shimmer looks at her past mistakes and sees how she’s not that bad person today.

CHS Rally Song - 1
My Past is Not Today - 5

Both Sci-Twi and Gloriosa have goals to accomplish by any means. The young genius wonders what cloud possibly exist outside her own world while the optimistic camp counselor loses herself to Equestrian magic in order to save her camp.

What More is Out There - 2
We Will Stand For Everfree - 4

Friendship Games had some interesting moments. We had a seductive villain song of Disney proportions and a deleted song that makes fans wonder what might have been in an alternate scenario.

Unleash the Magic - 4
What More is Out There (Duet Version) - 2

Camp Everfree appears to bring out potent emotions in it's visitors. While the others jubilate in attending camp, Sci-Twi's inner fears are brought out in the serenity of the wood.

The Midnight in Me - 2
The Legend of Everfree - 4

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