Welcome to the quarter finals of the EG Songs Poll Series. Your votes came together and now we have our final ten. We have 2 songs from first movie, 4 songs from Rainbow Rocks media, 2 songs from Friendship Games Media, and 2 songs from Legend of Everfree. They range from group numbers, to solos, and to deleted numbers that found an audience outside of their shelf life. Now. let's vote.

This poll will close on May 4th at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

EG3 animatic - Sunset and Twilight walk in sync
Bus continuing down the highway EG4

A deleted song versus and intro number that differs in music style. Rebecca Shoichet had double duty in alternate version of a song while Movie 4's opening number had us believe we were going to summer camp with our favorite girls.

What More is Out There (Duet Version) - 4
The Legend of Everfree - 1

Main 6 singing stomp your hooves EG
Sunset faces her demonic reflection EG2

Sunset had quite a switch from bad to good. Twilight and her human friends bring separated students against the bad Sunset, and another number shows a new Sunset putting that old life behind her.

Cafeteria Song - 4
My Past is Not Today - 2

Dazzlings sing on red background EG2
The Dazzlings transformed EG2

The Dazzlings truly stole the show whenever they appeared onscreen. Their first number had us tapping our feet and their final number had hanging on the edge of our seats.

Battle - 2
Welcome to the Show - 3

Main cast photo "this is our big night" EG
Rainbooms side-by-side looking up EG2

These two songs may be in the credits only, but they have fans just as much as other numbers. One song poetic discusses Twilight's journey to another dimension while another compares friendship to a rainbow.

A Friend for Life - 0
Shine Like Rainbows - 5

Cinch "since it's win-win on all scores" EG3
Gloriosa Daisy singing "designed to defend" EG4

Here are two villain numbers that stand out in their respective films. Principal Cinch and the Shadowbolts pressure an outsider to release unstable power while a corrupted Gloriosa prepare her stand against any who would destroy her camp.

Unleash the Magic - 3
We Will Stand For Everfree - 2

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