Main cast and Sunset Shimmer human silhouettes EG2

So close yet so far. This is the semi-finals of the EG Songs Poll Series. We lost several great songs during the last redemption round, including the rest of the Legend of Everfree media, but we must press on. We still have one 1 song from Equestria Girls, 3 from Rainbow Rocks, and 2 from the Friendship Games media to choose from. We have two villain songs, a showdown number, a deleted song, a flash mob moment, and an ending credits number.

The next round of polls will be set up differently as opposed to all the other times. It shouldn't too big of a change, but I'll get to it when it comes around. Now let's vote.

This poll will close on May 9th 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

EG3 animatic - Sunset and Twilight walk in sync
Dazzlings sing on red background EG2

These redeemed songs made it this far, but only one can continue. There is an alternate version of Rebecca doing two voices during a song an intro that enchanted us under the sirens influence.

What More is Out There (Duet Version) - 6
Battle - 3

Main 6 singing stomp your hooves EG
The Rainbooms floating together EG2

These two group numbers are inspiring in their own unique way. One inspires students to come together while another inspires one to stand up and fight for her friends.

Cafeteria Song - 6
Welcome to the Show - 3

Rainbooms side-by-side looking up EG2
Cinch "since it's win-win on all scores" EG3

Sometimes the light and the dark coincide for a unique effect. The first song uplifts the listens whenever doubt sets in, and the other has us feel like Sci-Twi when peer pressure makes us do irrational things.

Shine Like Rainbows - 5
Unleash the Magic - 4

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