I'm doing something different this time. Normally I determine the winner about now, but I decided to prolong that part and determine the second runner up, aka third place. Our final three are honestly songs I never imagined that would make this far, yet here they are. But only one must be picked in order to get to the final poll in the series. Choose wisely.

Remember, this is for Third Place. Do NOT pick the song you want to win.

This poll will close on May 12th at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

What More is Out There (Duet Version)

EG3 animatic - Sunset and Twilight walk in sync
Now this is one for the books. An alternate number from Friendship Games made it to be one of the top three contestants. We know that this songs is about Twilight wondering what more is outside her competitive atmosphere, But an deleted subplot contained an excerpt featuring Sunset who wishes to return to Equestria since the school appears to not need her help anymore. Rebecca Shoichet showcases her vocals as two different characters so flawlessly that she could be two different people. This is just another example of a good tune that might have been if fate had taken another turn.

Cafeteria Song

Main 6 singing stomp your hooves EG
Otherwise known as the Equestria Girls theme when the lyrics are switched, this song is definitely one of the highlights of the first movie. The human counterparts of Twilight's pony friends, in an effort to gain Twilight some voters, set up a flash mob style moment to bring the separate groups of students to together through song and dance and pony ear/tails. Even if you find it cheesy at first, it slowly grows on you due to its catchy beat and lyrics.

Shine Like Rainbows

Rainbooms side-by-side looking up EG2
Finally, we have an end credits song mixed with Katrina Hadley's artwork that stands on its own despite the other memorable songs in Rainbow Rocks. I can safely say that this is my favorite song in the entire EG franchise. We have the Rainbooms performing this number with Sunset Shimmer not only being a part of the band, but also Rainbow powered pony ups during a simple yet moving pop number. The message is that even in the darkest of times, the light of ones friendship still shines through like a song.

What More is Out There (Duet Version) - 1

Cafeteria Song - 3

Shine Like Rainbows - 6 (THIRD PLACE)

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