This is my first theory post related to episodes. I normally don't make these because everyone else does or my ideas are almost the same as theirs, but now I make an exepction because of the recent info on Season 7. So far, I know that there are three episodes confirmed by previews or leaked titles. Each one has so many possibilities.

Celestial Advice

A title leaked from an upcoming home video release that focuses on the relationship of Twilight and Starlight. I thought of a few directions this episode could go with.

  • Starlight isn't sure of Twilight's teaching methods, but encouragement and a story from Celestia has her see Twilight in a different light.
  • Both ponies visit Princess Celestia where she offers advice that one or both ponies take too close to heart.

All Bottled Up

Similar to the situation with Celestial Advice, this episode is another Twilight/Starlight pair up in some way. This one offered a bit more speculation.

  • Starlight is feeling overworked and her stress begins to show in magical proportions.
  • Twilight tries to contain a surprise for Starlight but trying hide it becomes difficult when unexpected guests show up.
  • Starlight begins to revert to her old ways (as an introvert) when her parents show up with a bad view of their daughter due to her past crimes.
  • Both ponies get angry at each other but refuse to let the other know it. It's up to Spike to pacify the two before they wind up at each other's throats.

Episode 156 (Applejack's Parents)

Finally, we get to see Applejack's parents. We know that her mother is going to sing a song in a flashback and apparently this episode will like a "Romeo & Juliet" story. On the basis that this is a flashback episode because of the strong hints that the parents are dead, here's how I think it will play out.

  • Apple Bloom is curious about her parents, so Granny Smith or Applejack will tell her the story of how they met.
  • The anniversary of their marriage or death is approaching and Apple Bloom is feeling bad because she barely remembers them. Applejack tells her how the parents met to cheer her up and give her insight as to what kind of ponies they were.


That's my opinion, but what do you think? Are some of these theories similar to yours or something different? Write your thoughts down below.