Rainbow Dash as a Wonderbolt S1E03
Rainbow Dash is finally a Wonderblot after six seasons of waiting and struggles. Just another one of Lauren Faust's ideas coming into focus again.

Lauren Faust
In 2009, Hasbro asked Faust to develop a relaunch of My Little Pony. Given enough creative freedom, she came up with lots of ideas that proved to be powerful and amazing as referenced by the fan base. However, she did not possess enough control over the show to keep things she really wanted, so she stepped down as showrunner after Season 1 but remained a creative consultant for Season 2. After that, her only involvement revolved around conventions, Twitter, interviews about MLP and Them's Fightin' Herds.

The crew does their best to keep up with Lauren’s original ideas with slight to drastic changes here and there. I researched a few things and was amazed at what I found over the years and how different things could have been if this ideas came into focus. Here are a couple of them from interviews and discussion forums.

Note: I know that I don't have everything. If you see something I might have missed, please check the character, episode, or location in question description section on their pages.

Rainbow Dash gets in the Wonderbolts.

  • As of Newbie Dash, is an official member of Equestria's aerial flight team.

Rarity opens a store in Canterlot.

  • Rarity has opened a store in Canterlot and currently on upcoming in Manehatten.

Twilight takes Celestia’s place as ruler of Equestria.

  • Twilight is made a princess but does not rule Equestria, Celestia and Luna do.

Rainbow Dash was originally a serial prankster, and Rob Renzetti would mistakenly call her a "he" in meetings.

  • She pranks, but I wouldn't call her a serial Prankster. The closest to being that was 28 Pranks Later

Celestia was to be a Queen so no one outranked her.

  • The company preferred princess due to Disney cliché of “evil Queens.”

Trixie would’ve remained a villain.

It would’ve mostly be adventure driven.

  • There's a bit more slice of life stories and not much adventure as she planned but plenty to excite and entice.

An episode centered on Big McIntosh keeping the peace at the Apple homestead.

Twilight’s real love interest would’ve been an Earth Pony named Stud Muffin.

  • Flash Sentry was the closest to Twilight having a love interest which had mixed results from the fan base.

Seaponies were an idea she toyed with.

  • No such pony exists except the comics and the 2017 movie.

Cadance would not have been an alicorn just a unicorn. The Sisters would’ve been the only alicorns.

  • She is an alicorn much like how Twilight became one and has an alicorn baby no less.

Twilight would’ve gained a new power (levitation).

  • In the Season 3 opener, Twilight levitates and does this ability only once as she eventually got wings.

The Tree of Harmony was never a concept.

  • The Elements of Harmony origins were tied to this idea after Lauren left.

Equestrian Politics would be explored and would’ve changed due to Twilight and her friends constant saving of Equestria.

  • Politics are hardly ever brought up, but a brief glimpse of hierarchy is shown in Season 4’s Equestria Games.

The Everfree forest overgrowth would be more constant and would happen in a much slower pace.

  • It happened only in the Season 4 opener

The CMC’s would get there Cutie Marks and be based on individual talents (Scootaloo’s scooter)

  • They retrieve their cutie marks in Crusaders of the Lost Mark all at once like the Mane 6, and instead of individual talents their destiny is to help ponies get their cutie marks or understand what their mark means for them.

Scootaloo was originally intended to be handicapped and would never be able to learn to fly; Faust conceived a story that would have played out over three episodes throughout the first two seasons, in which Scootaloo learns that her worth is defined by her talents and not by what she cannot do. Before this idea, Faust stated that there is "no reason" Scootaloo can't fly and that "she just hasn't figured it out yet".

  • Flight to the Finish is the closest thing fans have gotten to this concept, but the writers leave it ambiguous as to whether or not she’ll fly one day.

There was a planned episode where Applejack and Rainbow Dash meet a pony that was adopted by deer and believed themselves to be one. They would’ve had sticks on their head to resemble antlers. Applejack felt they should let the pony be, but Rainbow Dash felt he or she had to know they were really a pony. He or she eventually would discover they're a pony but decide to remain with their deer family. The moral most likely would've been that families come in all shapes and sizes, or, if one wanted to be deep; Blood doesn't make a family, Love does.

  • No storyline for it yet but it would be interesting if they made one like that one day.

Season 3 would’ve laid down the ground work for the character’s ultimate destinies and series finale.

  • No end appears to be in sight.

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