Fluttershy thinking about what she has to say S6E2
Today, this adorable Pegasus has made her one hundredth appearance on the show. We’ve seen Fluttershy terrified and timid of everything around her, but underneath that fear was a kind hearted pony who could tame the most fearsome of creatures, even a malevolent spirit of chaos.

However, like any pony, she has a breaking point. From one gala incident to Discord corruption to over-assertiveness and even turning into a ponified hulk, we’ve seen Fluttershy angry or mean at some point. But we cannot deny, at times, she can be cute when she's angry.

She may not be an athlete or a party pony, but Fluttershy has a capacity of patience, understanding, and kindness that rarely anyone hopes to achieve. She can use it to reason with and voice an opinion to others despite whatever the case may be. Hopefully, we continue to see her develop some more as she help Twilight and the rest of her friends spread friendship over Equestria.

So far, the main characters' appearances as of today are as follows.

  • Applejack - 112
  • Twilight Sparkle - 112
  • Pinkie Pie - 107
  • Rarity - 107
  • Rainbow Dash - 105
  • Fluttershy - 100
  • Spike - 97

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