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Season 2 is the theme of Poll 11. Here are scenarios that flesh out more of the Mane 6's personalities and growth as characters. Don't get me wrong, there are two Season 1 episodes here as well, the story of how our favorite ponies got their cutie marks and Fluttershy's brief stint in the fashion world.

The last poll had us lose introduction stories and a Benny Hill chase but we still have plenty of good episodes remaining in the series.

This poll will close on February 9th at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment.

Rarity can convince any pony that she’s content. She manages to hide her frustrations when Sweetie Belle makes messes and hide her jealousy when Fluttershy has her spotlight in the fashion world.

Sisterhooves Social - 7
Green Isn't Your Color - 11

Twilight has uncontrolled magic in different points in her life. As a filly, she turned her parents into plants and make a newborn dragon gigantic. Later, casts spell to make a “problem” only for it to cause a real problem.

The Cutie Mark Chronicles - 5
Lesson Zero - 11

Pride and Hatred seem to walk hoof and hoof. Applejack can’t admit to her friends of her failure while squabbling peasants, soldiers, and royals nearly cause an eternal Ice Age spawned from hate.

The Last Roundup - 4
Hearth's Warming Eve - 13

Spike and Rarity’s own vices can get the better of them. Spike’s greed gets out of hand in giant proportions while Rarity’s need to be popular overrules the needs of her friends.

Secret of My Excess - 14
Sweet and Elite - 3

Fear makes one do irrational things. Dash is compelled to do anything to hide her new hobby while Twilight, fearing the future, causes all the pain and misery bestowed on her within that future.

Read It and Weep - 11
It's About Time - 7

Two unlikely paired Pegasi help each other at different points in life. Fluttershy helps Rainbow Dash find the perfect pet, and later, Dash attempts to give her friend the confidence boost needed to help bring water to Cloudsdale.

May the Best Pet Win! - 6
Hurricane Fluttershy - 12

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