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This is Poll 12 everyone. It holds, at this point, the most seasons in one Poll blog with episodes from Seasons 2, 3, and 4. The firs t part of a finale, two Discord episode, country music, and an event that took the fandom by surprise with Twilight, wings, and musical numbers.

I'm still astounded by the turnout of these polls. Some episodes that I didn't expect to go far are still in the series. One example is Green Isn't Your Color. Whenever I voted on other polls or tournaments, this episode had a tendency to disappear very fast. I suppose age has fared well for this Fluttershy story.

This poll will close on February 11th at 11:00 PM (EST). As always, feel free to comment below.

What somepony wants may not be best for everyone. Twilight wants to complete her mission as instructed but overlooked some details. Applejack is in charge of a reunion but loses the reason for family being together.

The Crystal Empire, Part 2 - 17
Apple Family Reunion - 3

Some problems come in different sizes. A filly from the big city causes grief for the CMC while an old enemy of the Mane 6 causes Sweet Apple Acres to flood in drastic proportions.

One Bad Apple - 0
Keep Calm and Flutter On - 20

The setup of a two-parter’s premise is important. The Crystal Empire returns, but so does an old foe who made it disappear. Twilight’s brother is getting married, but the bride may not be as she seems.

The Crystal Empire, Part 1 - 11
A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1 - 9

Pinkie and Dash have an unusual but workable relationship. Pinkie hangs out with Dash while jumping very quietly in a pond. Later, Dash receives a long hugs and care packages after as she leaves for Wonderbolts Academy.

Too Many Pinkie Pies - 7
Wonderbolts Academy - 13

Going to the ends and beyond for her friends is what Twilight does best. She works hard find an answer to her friend’s switched cutie marks. Later, she and Cadance literally go the end of Equestria to help cure Discord of an ailment.

Magical Mystery Cure - 17
Three's a Crowd - 3

Pinkie sees the light of any situation whether it with an arguing Apple family on a road trip or a spooky old castle with a supposed ghost pony.

Pinkie Apple Pie - 14
Castle Mane-ia - 7

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